Lord Of The Rings Star Billy Boyd To Voice NPC In ESO's New High Isle Expansion

Boyd, who played Pippin in the fantasy series, voices a gambling, boozing elf in the High Isle DLC.


The Lord of the Rings actor Billy Boyd, who played the hobbit Pippin in the film series, is working on another fantasy project: The Elder Scrolls Online. Boyd voices the elf Brahgas, who introduces players to the new in-game card game Tales of Tribute, which arrives through the High Isle expansion.

"He's a gambler. He's a talker. He likes people. How he attacks this new card game is how he attacks life: all in. He is just all in on everything," Boyd says in a behind-the-scenes video. "I think a night in the pub with Brahgas--a couple of beers, a little Tales of Tribute--would

The High Isle expansions for ESO launches June 6 on PC and June 21 for console. The new Tales of Tribute game is not unlike other in-universe card games like The Witcher's Gwent.

The game originally launched in 2014 and has reached more than 20 million players. The High Isle expansion is part of the game's year-long adventure, Legacy of the Bretons, and takes players to a part of Tamriel they have never seen before.

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