Lord Of The Rings Online Hobbit Player Hits Level Cap By Baking Millions of Pies

Keep your eye on the pies.


Reaching the level cap in the long-running MMO The Lord of the Rings Online--not to be confused with the other LOTR MMO that has reportedly been canceled--usually involves killing a fair number of orcs and beasts, but one enterprising player has decided to take a more pacifistic approach by baking his way to the top.

As originally reported by MMORPG.com, Cookingwithsim tackled the challenge on the Evernight server, and every day for the past eight months he could be found either baking mountains of pies or foraging for ingredients in which to create more culinary gains.

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Having fittingly chosen to play as a Hobbit, each pie that Cookingwithsim baked earned him a tiny amount of the 205,829,281 experience points needed to reach level 130. With players usually only earning about 50 experience points per item crafted and the points differing depending on other factors, it's estimated that Cookingwithsim must have created around 4 million pies in total; enough to last a small Hobbit village through second breakfast at least.

The original point of doing all this was simply to prove that it could be done, as Cookingwithsim added that it also helped kill some time for him during a period of lockdown. "To the Oven and Back Again: A Hobbit's Tale," wrote one player on the LotRO subreddit where the achievement was shared.

Reaching the level cap in MMOs has become a new hobby for some players lately, with another notable example being one player's journey to reach the max level as a pacifistic pandaren monk who only picked up flowers in the starting zone of World of Warcraft and slowly raked in experience points along the way.

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