Lord Of The Rings Online Celebrates Aragorn And Arwen's Wedding With Special Quests And Gifts

One of Middle-earth's most famous weddings is taking place in the Lord of the Rings MMO.


Originally released in 2007, The Lord of the Rings Online continues to receive new update some 13 years later. The latest one invites players to attend the wedding of Middle-earth heroes Aragorn and Arwen. Just like in the book, Aragorn and Arwen will celebrate their marriage in Minas Tirith, and you can attend this joyous event and earn special bonuses for doing so.

The new event is called Epic Volume V, Book 1: A Time of Celebration, and it runs through July 20. Players will automatically receive a quest that provides a map to Minas Tirith. Once you get there, you'll receive another quest that kicks off the Midsummer Festival. This is mean to celebrate Midsummer's Day, which is when Aragon and Arwen got married in the year TA 3019.

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There are a variety of Midsummer-themed quests, and you can visit Thorin's Hall, Duillond, Bree-town, and the Party Tree to find them. Going forward, the Midsummer Event will be an annual event.

Additionally, wedding-themed gifts are now available as daily and weekly Hobbit gifts that you can claim, while players will get extra allotments of silver and other bonuses like cosmetic items. You can read the full patch notes for The Lord of the Rings Online's wedding update here.

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