Lord of the Rings Online Adding Mordor Expansion Next Year

Mordor will come in an expansion after April.


The Lord of the Rings Online players that dream of exploring the land of Mordor will be happy to hear that developer Turbine is working on the iconic region. As reported by MassivelyOP, Mordor will be released to the MMO next year.

In a developer livestream, the studio said that it would release the region in an expansion pack after Lord of the Rings Online's 10th anniversary in April. You can watch the full stream below.

Turbine also talked about the latest patch, Update 19. It adjusts several aspects of the MMO including NPC behavior, specific armor sets, and classes such as Burglar and Hunter. For example, the Burglar's second attack on several of its moves including Coup de Grace and Flashing Blades should now have the same Critical Chance and Damage properties as the first. Hunters, on the other hand, see damage boosts to their focus-builder skills, consumers, and Split Shot. You can read the full patch notes here.

The Lord of the Rings Online is free-to-play on PC and Mac through Steam. In 2007, it received a score of 8.3/10 in GameSpot's review, though it has since been updated and expanded on substantially.

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