Lord Of The Rings Movie Set Attraction Opens New Location

The Hobbiton set has opened a new location for tourists to visit: the millhouse.


The Hobbiton set in New Zealand has been a premiere tourist exhibit that's been made into a practical resort where guests can actually stay. Guests can relive their favorite moments from Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit--as long as those moments revolve around being a Hobbit and cooking potatoes. They've recently Introduced their newest venue to Hobbiton Movie Set, The Millhouse.

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The Hobbiton official website is calling the Millhouse a "premium venue" that is exclusively available for private dining experiences, small weddings, and corporate meetings of up to 32 guests. The site showed off the interior and exterior of the new set as well. The Millhouse is the latest addition after The Green Dragon Inn, the Party Marquee, and Yard Flats.

"We're excited to give the first sneak peek of The Millhouse to our International Hobbit Day 2020 visitors, and have a few surprises up our sleeve for the event," the site continued to say.

Hobbit Day, September 22, is called that because it is the shared birthday of both Frodo and Bilbo Baggins. It's also part of what Lord of the Rings fans call Tolkien Week, which starts on Hobbit Day. Hobbiton tours are about $75 NZD (about $50 US) and they last about two hours and a half hours, but to stay at one of the actual resorts is exceedingly more.

Lord of The Rings fans should also be aware that even though COVID-19 has halted and even canceled numerous some television programming, it seems that the Amazon adaptation is heading back into production and has resumed filming.

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