Lord of the Rings MMO adds Helm's Deep expansion

Fifth major expansion for Turbine's free-to-play MMO released today after power outage caused delay.

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Helm's Deep, the fifth major expansion for Tubine's free-to-play MMO Lord of the Rings Online, was released today across North America and Europe. The content was previously scheduled to be released on Monday, but a power outage at one of Turbine's data centers led to a delay.

The Helm's Deep expansion is available through a $40 Base Edition or $60 Premium Edition that can be purchased today from the Lord of the Rings Online's website.

The Helm's Deep expansion takes players to one of the most memorable moments from the Lord of the Rings, the Battle of the Hornburg. Players can fight to defend Helm's Deep as early as level 10 and can earn in-game rewards--win or lose.

The expansion also introduces new landscapes across Western Rohan, including Edoras, Dunharrow, and the Hornburg fortress within Helm's Deep. The content also raises the game's level cap from 85 to 95 and introduces new skills and class specializations.

Players will also encounter characters like Aragorn, Eowyn, and Eomer in the Helm's Deep expansion for Lord of the Rings Online as they help restore King Theoden to his throne.

Helm's Deep is the fifth expansion for Lord of the Rings Online. It follows Mines of Moria (2008), Siege of Mirkwood (2009), Rise of Isengard (2011), and Riders of Rohan (2012). The game adopted a free-to-play business model in 2010, which resulted in monthly revenue jumping three times over.

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