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Lord Of The Rings Actor Gives Update On 2024 Animated Movie

Miranda Otto, who played Eowyn in the film series, is coming back to voice the character in the animated movie next year.


Actress Miranda Otto played Eowyn in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film series, and she is coming back to play the character again in the 2024 animated film The War of the Rohirrim. In an interview with Express, Otto said what she could about the film and also discussed whether or not she would ever return for a live-action Lord of the Rings project.

War of the Rohirrim tells a story about Helm Hammerhand, and he's voiced by Succession star Brian Cox. Otto plays Eowyn in a narration role.

"I haven't seen the full animation yet. I've done the pre-record, which is what you start with. And that was super fun, it was [The Lord of the Rings writer Philippa Boyens] who got in touch with me about doing it," she said. "I thought doing an animation would be a cool way to further develop the whole canon of stories."

The War of the Rohirrim releases in 2024
The War of the Rohirrim releases in 2024

As for whether or not Otto could return to a live-action role for The Lord of the Rings someday, Otto said Eowyn is a mortal being and can only live within the timeframe of the books. "I'm not like a Galadriel or Elven character who can live for a very long time and pop up in other places," Otto said.

She also said it would be challenging to come back as a different character, if that were even possible. Otto said it would "be lovely to revisit" a live-action Lord of the Rings project, but she isn't sure how that would be possible.

Artists Alan Lee, Richard Taylor, and John Howe--all of whom worked on the original Lord of the Rings film series--are attached to the new anime as well. The War of the Rohirrim releases in theaters on April 12, 2024.

It's not the only upcoming Lord of the Rings project, as Amazon's The Rings of Power is coming back for a second season. Additionally, WB Discovery has announced plans to create multiple new Lord of the Rings films.

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