Loot Box Odds Now Have To Be Disclosed For iOS Games

You'll now be able to see the chances of getting a certain type of item.


Loot boxes have arguably been the biggest controversy in gaming this year, especially with regards to the boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront II. It seems that Apple has taken note of the backlash, as it's implemented more stringent regulations on loot box systems.

Apple updated its App Store requirements recently, adding a clause that forces developers to disclose loot box odds. Now, games with random rewards available for purchase must tell players the chances of getting each type of item in a loot box.

This is notable because the United States currently does not federally require disclosure of odds, although several countries in Asia do require it. Up until now, unless developers voluntarily gave the information, players have had no idea how likely they are to receive especially rare items in any one loot box.

Although this obviously doesn't regulate console games like Destiny 2 and Battlefront II, there are still several big-name mobile titles that will presumably fall under the requirement. Hearthstone, for example, may now have to show its card pack odds for Western audiences, something Blizzard already did for Chinese audiences earlier this year.

Loot boxes are almost certainly here to stay, but greater transparency is good, as it gives players a better idea of what they're spending money on. Hopefully this trend will continue and eventually apply to console games, as well.

[News via TouchArcade]

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