Loose Cannon confirmed for the Xbox

Previously planned for the PC, Loose Cannon is now heading to the Xbox, and we have new information on the game.


Ubi Soft has announced in Europe that it will publish Loose Cannon on the Xbox. Loose Cannon is being created by Ubi Soft's development studio Sinister Games in North Carolina, and it's a mixture between a first-person shooter and a driving game that features a highly realistic physics system. The developers plan to create a fully living and breathing 3D world, with fully functional cities including pedestrians and traffic. According to Microsoft, the development of the game has cost more than $5 million so far, and the team has been working for two years on the game. Players assume the role of Ashe, a former soldier who applies his military skills as a bounty hunter. Extra jobs earn cash to upgrade vehicles or personal equipment to suit different styles of play. Players can advance by taking down mastermind crime lords.

Ubi Soft hasn't made a US-specific announcement yet, but the game currently is scheduled for a 2002 release.

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