Look at This PS4 Made of Actual Stone

"Primal Gaming."


To promote the upcoming launch of Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft UK has commissioned a stone carver to create a "primal take on modern gaming." As you'll see in the video below, this includes building elements of a gaming den (including a PlayStation 4, TV, DualShock 4--even pizza) out of stone. Check it out:

It's pretty cool to see it all come together and the end results are pretty detailed and impressive. There's no word on what Ubisoft plans to do with this one-of-a-kind gaming setup.

VideoGamer reports that stone mason Nick Roberson did the work.

"This project was undertaken to highlight the vast landscape and rich setting of the Stone Age era in Far Cry Primal," Ubisoft PR manager Tom Goldberger said in a statement. "Nick has managed to immortalize, in stone, the beautiful, elegant designs of these iconic items with unbelievable accuracy."

This isn't the first over-the-top Far Cry promotion we've seen, as the winner of a Far Cry 4 contest got to travel to Nepal and play the game on Mt. Everest.

Far Cry Primal is scheduled to launch on February 23 for Xbox One and PS4, with the PC edition slated to come out on March 1.

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I heard there's an XB1 version of this featuring an actual XB1.

Avatar image for Yams1980

i thought he was going to cut the stone and put the ps4 inside of the stone slab. This all seems very pointless since the ps4 doesn't even work.

Avatar image for SexyMiralda

No X1 console stone carving?? Nevermind, it looks like a brick anyway !! ;)

Avatar image for Rayer

I might have actually been impressed if it was a PS4 shell housing the hardware and was fully functional or if he didnt use modern tools to shape everything.

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

@Rayer: correct.

Avatar image for Burning_Cactus

What's that Ubisoft? You want to throw away more money for no reason? at least this time you decided against hiring celebrities to say they like your game in a commercial.

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It is not a PS4 made of stone. Its a carving of a PS4. But what can you expect from Eddie's headlines. I wish Gamespot would shows the writer at the end of headlines so I will know which ones to avoid.

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"Look at the is PS4 sculpture made of stone"

Fixed your headline.

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They should have just hired Medusa. She could have turned that stuff into stone with one gaze.

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@BassMan: Only if the PS4 has a camera attached

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This gives me an idea of what I want my tombstone to look like.. but it has to have the vertical stand ha

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@joshrmeyer: My tombstone will look like nothing because I won't die.

The only problem is eventually being haunted by everyone.

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Nothing special here. They simply replicate the look of the console and ignore the rest.

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Avatar image for dlCHIEF58

PS4 - so simple even a caveman can use it.

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Console peasants should be renamed to cavemen

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@aiden_kasel: PC elitists should be renamed to assholes.

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@dlCHIEF58: lol good one

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Would be awesome if it was actually functional.

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that rocks

*chirp chirp chirp

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@xantufrog: That pun is pure schist. Of quartz you realize that you need to start off with a clean slate. Why it's sedimentary my dear Frog, sedimentary.

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@xantufrog: Dude! Are you STONED or something... O_o

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@xantufrog: Dude I said CLEVER puns. Sheesh.

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@olddadgamer: You should BLOCK him...

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I always wonder how these stone carvers can look at a block of stone and turn it into some beautiful statue. This guy has skill

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Even a Cave Man could never build something like that without the help from Aliens.

Also this PS4 got stoned.

Moderator Online
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The Stony Playstoning 4 outsells the Microshale X-Rocks One by 3:1 according to the Bedrock Daily News.

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Thats the flintstones' ps4.

Avatar image for olddadgamer

It's a good day as a moderator when you open up some comments expecting console war carnage and instead get some rather clever puns.

Nicely done.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@olddadgamer: Even a broken clock can not be an idiot sometimes. I think that's the old saying?

Avatar image for barbarossa213

@olddadgamer: Just don't take it for granite

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@barbarossa213: Bravo.

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@olddadgamer: Did someone say console wars and carnage :)

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@olddadgamer: it's a Christmas miracle!

Avatar image for louixiii

@xantufrog: Miracles? The Grinch does not believe in miracles. How dare you mods enter this realm of chaos and confusion to only spread joy and happiness. Do you not have a heart? And if so, RIP IT OUT!!!

Meanwhile, I'll be carving a Xbox One out of this yule log I stole from my mother while she was in the hospital on Christmas Eve.

Good day

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this PlayStation is stoned

Avatar image for dlCHIEF58

I wonder if the added weight of it being made of stone eliminated the PS4 wobble.

Avatar image for GH05T-666

I like that

Avatar image for ascendedmaster

So you can afford to make this but not optimize properly for the PS4?

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that is awesome!!!
it would be even better if it can run games XD

Avatar image for louixiii

@freedom01: It can't?

Avatar image for casana

I noticed they didn't have to make an Xbox 1 made of stone seeing as there's already millions of those in circulation ;) ;) ;) heheheheh

Avatar image for ascendedmaster

@casana: damnit you beat me too it!

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