Look At This New State Of Decay 2 Concept Art

More details on the zombie game sequel are coming at E3 2017.


State of Decay 2 developer Undead Labs has shared a new image from the upcoming zombie game. The image shows a group of survivors growing food in an indoor garden. According to Undead Labs, the image is reflective of how video games are made.

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"The team bringing State of Decay 2 to the world is bigger than it was the first time, and not all of the new people knew the game as intimately as you all know it," Undead Labs explained. "We needed something that would illustrate how base-building means the people in our world are responsible for their own survival. It needed to make the act of choosing to grow food into something inspiring."

Undead Labs is planning to share new images every week until PAX East in March. Last week's image shows the dilapidated world that players can expect from State of Decay 2. Check it out below.

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State of Decay 2 was announced back at E3 2016 for Xbox One and PC. It's a four-player co-op game, rather than the MMO Undead had discussed previously.

All we've heard about State of Decay 2 so far is that its world will be "substantially larger" than the first game's and that it will allow co-op players to split up.

In December of last year, Undead Labs said it would share more details, including the game's release date, information on gameplay systems, and "so much more" at E3 2017.

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