Look at This New Metal Gear Solid 5 "Quiet" Figure

The 1/6 scale figure is incredibly detailed; costs $290 and arrives this summer.


Toy company Gecco has revealed its next Metal Gear Solid figure. The latest is a 1/6 scale figure based on the supreme sniper Quiet from The Phantom Pain. As you can see in the images in the gallery below, the character is very detailed and sports a number of accessories like detachable knife and handgun.

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"Her powerful feminine pose contrasts beautifully with the long and hard sniper rifle in hand," Gecco said in a press release, as reported by ToyArk. "All of the details have been faithfully captured from the smallest bolt on the rifle to the ripper sheer tights of her legs making this an incredibly realistic piece of art."

Quiet's head is interchangeable with a "butterfly mark face," while her rifle can also be displayed without a suppressor. Additionally, the display base she stands on carries the motif of the Aabe Shifap Ruins from The Phantom Pain's campaign.

The figure doesn't come cheap, as it will sell for $290 when it's released this summer in the June-July window. Head to ToyArk to get even more details and see some additional images.

Gecco also makes figures based on other Metal Gear figures such as Snake and Raiden.

The Phantom Pain's next Metal Gear Online update, Cloaked in Silence, is coming this month. It introduces Quiet as a playable, as well as some new maps and more.

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