Look At This NBA Player's Fortnite-Inspired Shoes

Josh Hart of the Los Angeles Lakers was wearing some video game inspired shoes this weekend.


The NFL's JJ Watt is not the only professional athlete talking about Fortnite these days. Josh Hart, a guard for the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers, is apparently a big fan of the Battle Royale game. He's such a big fan that he had Fortnite-inspired shoes commissioned and wore them on the court this weekend.

Los Angeles based artist Salvador Amezcua, who goes by the name Kickstrodamis, created a custom pair of Nike Kobe shoes for Hart. They are pretty slick-looking, with a purple and green colour combination and Hart's name featured on them. There is also an image of Hart if he were Fortnite character and a line that says "Eliminated By JoshHartNova." Nice.

Hart wore his cool new Fortnite shoes during at least the warmup of the Lakers' February 24 matchup against the Sacramento Kings. It's not clear if he actually wore the shoes during the game itself, as NBA rules might not allow it, but either way, he scored 10 points in the game.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is free to download and play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, while the Save the World mode is currently still in paid early access. In other news, the game recently kicked off Season 3 and you can buy a Season 3 Battle Pass with 76 items for around $10.

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