Look at This Huge Snorlax Cushion

Just looking at this is making me sleepy.


Sleeping Pokemon Snorlax is getting a massive cushion that is taller and wider than a child.

According to Inside (via Kotaku), Japanese online shopping store Premium Bandai has partnered with The Pokemon Company to launch an enormous cushion version of the creature. It is 150cm tall and 130cm wide. When positioned on its back, it will stand 60cm tall. You can check out some images in the gallery below.

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As you might have imagined, owning a giant Snorlax cushion is going to cost you. Preorders are now available for ¥52,000, which comes out to around $460.

There is no word yet on if this item is coming to the United States, but we sure hope so. Some other Pokemon cushions available in Japan include an entire product line dedicated to Pokemon butts.

Stateside shoppers aren't completely left out, however. Build-A-Bear is now selling absolutely adorable Pikachu stuffed animals at its stores and online.

In other Pokemon news, February 27 is the franchise's 20th anniversary and The Pokemon Company has big plans, including an "afternoon soiree" hosted by Drew Barrymore. Additionally, the next Pokemon games for 3DS, Sun and Moon, have been announced.

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