Longest Journey sequel in the works

Funcom announces that it is working on a multiplatform sequel to its acclaimed PC adventure game, as well as new online projects.


Norway-based publisher Funcom has announced that it is working on a new booster pack for Anarchy Online and a sequel to The Longest Journey , which GameSpot named Best PC Adventure Game of 2000. While the studio's previous games have been PC-only, with the new projects Funcom is focused on creating "single-player adventure and role-playing games on multiple platforms." The concept for The Longest Journey's sequel was approved earlier this week, and members of the original team are already at work on the new project.

"Hundreds of thousands of players worldwide have wondered when the next chapter in The Longest Journey would come out," said Funcom CEO Trond Aas. "For years, both gaming media and fans have requested this sequel, and we recognize that they deserve to get the next chapter of the saga."

Funcom is also keeping up its efforts to expand Anarchy Online, and while its main focus is the Anarchy Online expansion Shadowlands, a new booster pack is also in the concept stage. And while it put The Longest Journey on hold last year, Funcom has also been working on a new persistent world game for the last nine months. "With the invaluable experiences gained from Anarchy Online we are in a better position than ever to create a brand-new and fantastic persistent online world," Aas said.

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