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London 2012 Gameplay Gallery

Check out a few of the 31 playable events in the London 2012 Official Videogame.


London 2012 offers you the chance to wear the bib of your country of choice and participate in a healthy variety of events: from swimming to shot put, from sprinting to shooting. The game sports an Olympic Games mode, enabling you to follow one country's Olympics campaign day by day, and an Events mode, giving you the opportunity to tackle individual events.

The game has you showing off a selection of skills; the diving and gymnastics function effectively as a rhythm game, requiring you to hit the right combination of buttons at the right time. The track events reminisce on the button-mashing Track and Field, but London 2012 favours regularity of input over speed. The shooting and archery segments require sensitivity on the stick, and sometimes compensation for wind speed and direction.

We had a play with a choice selection of events. Check them out and let us know what you think!

100m and 100m Hurdles

Synchronised Diving

Trampoline and Vault

25m Rapid Fire Pistol

Let us know your thoughts and feelings about the London 2012 Videogame in the comments box below. The game is out now for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Can't get enough Olympics action? Here's an interview with one of the game's designers, Cade Franklin:

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