Loki's Disney+ Debut Sets New Records For The Platform

The new Disney+ series has bested even WandaVision.


Marvel's newest TV series, Loki, following the titular prankster character as he grudgingly helps fix broken timelines, garnered 890,000 U.S. households on the night of its Wednesday debut on Disney+. According to Deadline, which is sourcing its metrics from the third-party service Samba TV--since streaming services generally don't broadcast their own audience numbers--Loki's viewership outperformed both WandaVision (655,000) and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (759,000) on their first days up for streaming.

The clear conclusion from this, as also articulated by SambaTV's report, is that "clearly, the growing number of households tuning in on day one proves that the Marvel Disney+ series are growing in momentum." However, as Deadline also indicates via an unnamed "non-Disney studio insider," SambaTV's reporting is not quite the full picture--the company, which measures streaming viewership in three million households, doesn't include mobile viewers.

To be fair, tracking metrics on streaming services is still a bit like the Wild West currently and has been for some time. Nielsen has only recently made the leap to track streaming ratings, but its reportings often lag behind by at least a month, and noticeably skew towards Netflix as it doesn't track every available or popular service. But all of this to say that it isn't a huge shock to learn Marvel series continue to be popular and are only becoming moreso.

Loki is worth checking out, even if you haven't historically been a Marvel fan. Its co-stars, Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson have chemistry as actors that is wild fun to watch. Plus, it isn't all about superhero lore--it's about the god of mischief leaping through time to muck about in alternate realities.

Release dates for new Loki episodes:

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