Logitech Releases Wireless Gaming Keyboard Alongside Mouse With New Sensor

Cutting cords.


Peripheral manufacturer Logitech is expanding its wireless gaming profile with a new mechanical keyboard in the G613 and a new mouse in the G603. Both operate on two AA batteries and use the company's proprietary wireless technology called Lightspeed which offers a 1ms response rate.

Logitech stated that the G603 mouse ($70) and G613 keyboard ($150) will release at the end of August, but you can only pre-order on the company's website right now.

G613 wireless mechanical keyboard (left), G603 wireless mouse (right)
G613 wireless mechanical keyboard (left), G603 wireless mouse (right)
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G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

While wireless mice are quite common even in the gaming peripheral space, mechanical keyboards have been exclusively wired. However, the G613 changes it up by pairing Logitech's Romer-G mechanical switches and Lightspeed wireless technology. The keyboard gets its power from two AA batteries and is said to last up to 18 months on the same pair, but of course this depends on your computing conditions.

Romer-G switches are similar to the popular Cherry MX Browns, which sports a soft tactile bump at the point of actuation. It also has a shorter throw than most mechanical switches: 1.5mm to register a keystroke, 3mm to bottom out, and 45g actuation force. In addition, the G613 features six programmable macro keys and a built-in palm rest.

G603 Wireless Mouse

The G603 may look familiar to users of other Logitech mice; it's designed identically to the G403 and G703. There are two main differences, though. It's powered by two AA batteries, which can last up to 500 hours of use. The other key feature of the G603 is that it uses a new optical sensor, called Hero. It's similar to the Pixart PMW3366 (found in the G Pro, G403, and G903) in terms of tracking and accuracy, but the Hero sensor is made to be much more power efficient.

As for features, the G603 can have up to 12,000 DPI, two programmable thumb buttons, and Lightspeed wireless tech that offers 1ms response time. If you want to extend the battery life, the mouse offers a low power consumption mode that uses a slightly slower 8ms response time.

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