Logitech prepping PSP Go UMD add-on?

Online report indicates third-party peripheral manufacturer is building a disc-drive add-on for Sony's most recent handheld revision.

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Source: UK gaming site CVG.

What we heard: Sony introduced its latest PSP iteration, the $250 PSP Go, during the first week of October, and one of its primary draws is its slim form. The handheld is 16 percent lighter, 35 percent smaller than the PSP-3000, and features 16GB of internal memory and a sliding screen that hides the gamepad controls when not in use. However, the minimalist look comes at the expense of a smaller screen and the lack of a UMD drive.

A UMD drive would solve some problems, but create others.
A UMD drive would solve some problems, but create others.

Considering Sony opted not to offer a way to convert UMD games into a PSP Go-compatible format, the decision to not include the disc drive has been problematic for those who own the physical media. However, it appears as if these people may soon have a solution, as UK gaming site CVG reports today that Logitech is creating a PSP Go-compatible UMD drive.

CVG's source told the site that the UMD add-on would plug into the PSP Go through unspecified means. As could be expected, the source went on to note that the add-on makes the PSP Go "a little bulky." Pricing information or a release date were not offered.

The official story: Neither Sony nor Logitech had responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: The available information remains a little thin to make a call either way. However, given that loyal PSP fans remain torn between giving up their game collections and forgoing the PSP Go, any company who could make a UMD adapter would have a guaranteed market.

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