Logan: Patrick Stewart Might Be Up For More X-Men Movies

Professor Next?


Patrick Stewart has played Professor X since the very first X-Men movie, and will appear in next month's Logan. There has been some speculation that this might be his last performance as the X-Men leader. However, the veteran actor has now hinted that he might not be done with the role.

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In a recent interview with ET Online, Stewart suggested that, unlike star Hugh Jackman, he would be interested in more films in the franchise. "Hugh has raised the flag that says goodbye. I haven't done that yet," he said.

Last year, Stewart explained that he had died in previous X-Men films and still managed to return. "Jean Grey vaporised me," he said, referring to his death in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand. "From which you would think there would be no return. [But] the thing about science fiction and fantasy is that you can never, ever say it's the end."

Earlier this week, a creepy viral video for Logan was released. This follows a stylish new retro-themed IMAX poster, and this mysterious black-and-white teaser.

It was recently revealed that studio bosses were concerned that the film's more adult approach might turn fans off. "There was real consternation about the intensity of the tone of the film," Fox executive Stacey Snider said. "It's more of an elegy about life and death. It's not a wise-cracking, cigar-chomping mutton-sporting Wolverine, and the debate internally became, 'Isn't that freakin' boring?'"

Logan also stars Dafne Keen, Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Boyd Holbrook, and Richard E. Grant. It hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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