Locodoco forms South Korean team with Quantic Gaming to aim for North American LCS

Newly formed South-Korean League of Legends team sets its sights on the North American League of Legends Championship Series.


Korean League of Legends player Yoonsup "Locodoco" Choi, formerly of Counter Logic Gaming and Najin White Shield, has formed a new team composed entirely of South Korean players, including Gun-woong "Woong" Jang previously of CJ Entus Frost.

The player roster was picked by Locodoco and Woong.
The player roster was picked by Locodoco and Woong.

Under a new yearlong contract with Quantic Gaming, the team has moved into the Quantic Gaming house located in Los Angeles and will attempt to qualify for the North American League of Legends Championship Series later this year.

Quantic’s lineup will consist of:
• Yoonsup "Locodoco" Choi - AD Carry
• Gun-woong "Woong" Jang - Top
• Gun-Hee "Gunza" Jung - Support
• Du Sik "Prime" Yun - Jungle
• Cheol Woo "Apple" Jeong - Mid

The team arrived in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Speaking to GameSpot, Quantic Gaming owner Simon Boudreault revealed that they had been practicing together "for a while" in the Maximum Impact Gaming (MiG) house located in Korea.

"We believe the team will be a major game changer to the North American Challenger & LCS scene," Boudreault said.

Commenting on the eligibility of Quantic’s Korean team qualifying for the North American LCS, Riot Games eSports manager Nick Allen cited the three conditions each LCS player must meet. In addition to being at least 17 years of age, the player "must submit proof that, at the time of any LCS-affiliated match, he/she will be (a) a legal resident of a country in their region, and (b) work-eligible in the United States." Players cannot be an employee of Riot Games.

Elaborating on Riot's attitude toward international players or teams competing in the LCS, Allen added, "We've already seen some movement between the leagues. Look at Curse's Edward. Our league rules permit this sort of movement."

The planning for the team took three months according to Locodoco, who chose the rest of the roster alongside Gun-woong Jang with those months consisting of "a month to find the right players and two months of scrimming with them and living as a team in Korea."

When asked if he had any message he wanted to share with his fans in the West, Locodoco said, "Results first, trash talk after."

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