Lockdown PC demo up for grabs

Latest Rainbow Six title gets a downloadable trial version with single-player and multiplayer modes.


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While it shares the same name and subtitle as a round of tactical shooters published on consoles last year, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown for the PC is not just a port of those games. The PC Lockdown will feature revamped missions, graphics, and artificial intelligence, as well as new game types, class-based multiplayer modes, and the inclusion of three maps from previous Rainbow games.

Gamers eager for a look at some of these changes can download the just-released 532MB demo of the game, now available from GameSpot. The demo features a single-player (or multiplayer co-op) campaign mission, a multiplayer map with a single playable game type, and the chance to create one's own character for multiplayer matches. Ubisoft's latest will Lockdown PCs starting next month. It has been rated M for Mature.

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