Local Split-Screen Multiplayer Confirmed for Battleborn

Battle local.


Speaking on stage at the PlayStation Experience keynote earlier today, Gearbox Software studio head Randy Pitchford announced upcoming MOBA/shooter Battleborn will support split-screen multiplayer, allowing players to battle their way through the game's cooperative campaign while sharing a couch.

Pitchford also confirmed Battleborn's open beta--which begins in early 2016--will be available first on PlayStation 4. In addition, PS4 owners will receive an exclusive additional character--a mech suit-clad penguin named Toby--after the game launches on May 3, 2016.

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For more on Battleborn's diverse cast of heroes, be sure to check out our in-depth hands-on impressions and stay tuned for further coverage.

Update 12/6/2015 -- 2K PR recently reached out to clarify that Toby will be included in the base game on all platforms. A separate, as yet unannounced character will be added post-launch. PS4 players who participate in the beta will be able to download that character for free, while all other players can choose to purchase the character as DLC.

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