Live-Action Mighty No. 9 Movie in the Works at Dead Rising Film Studio

"We have fulfilled another one of our dreams," creator Keiji Inafune says about the deal.


Mighty No. 9, the Mega Man-style platformer from Keiji Inafune, is expanding into new territory.

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Legendary Digital Media, the offshoot of Godzilla and Warcraft film company Legendary Pictures, will develop a Mighty No. 9 live-action movie with Dead Rising: Watchtower company Contradiction Films. Fans may also be happy to learn that Inafune's own Comcept Inc. is working alongside both film companies.

Inafune also created the Dead Rising game universe, so--barring any setbacks--Mighty No. 9 will become his second project to be spun into a movie.

"This collaboration will give our creation the ability to reach people all over the world," Inafune said of the film deal. "Thanks to all of your support, we have fulfilled another one of our dreams."

The Mighty No. 9 movie, like Dead Rising: Watchtower, will skip a theatrical release. Instead, it is being produced exclusively for digital platforms, though these were not named outright. Watchtower was first released through Sony's streaming service Crackle before coming to video-on-demand sites.

Mighty No. 9, which was funded through Kickstarter, follows the story of a robot named Beck. There was no mention today of an actor to play that role, or any others for the upcoming movie.

GameSpot recently spoke with Inafune about Mighty No. 9, crowdfunding, and the Japanese game development scene. You can read our full interview here.

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