Live A Live - Captain Square: How To Find The Memory Card

How to finally reach the end of Captain Square.


There isn’t much combat in the Distant Future chapter of Live A Live. Not unless you count the arcade machine, Captain Square. Captain Square is a fun distraction that lets you play with the game’s combat system to solve some violent puzzles. There’s no real point to it aside from maybe making Kirk happy and earning you some bragging rights. However, getting through it takes some dedication, as every time you lose or choose to walk away, the game resets. There is a way to avoid having to start all over each time, but while the tutorial message hints at a memory card, actually finding it is a bit of a challenge--unless someone breaks it down for you, so here we go.

Finding the Memory Card

This whole process spoils the first twist in the Distant Future’s plot. So, before we begin: spoiler warning.

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After Kirk dies, his room will become accessible. To open it, you need to interact with the computer console beside it. This will ask you to simply register yourself for entry. Enter the name of your character, and your profile will be confirmed, unlocking the door.

Once inside, you’re given free rein to go through all his stuff. There’s not much that’s really revealing or helpful. Most frustratingly, he locked his private log behind a password. What a jerk! You can search high and low, but you won’t find a convenient post-it that reveals his secret code, so you’re going to have to guess. And no, it isn’t just 1234.

Hints are dropped, but nothing specifically points to a passphrase. A little further on in the dialogue, however, his crewmates make a big deal about how Kirk was obsessed with the theory of warp drives to the point where he’d frequently drop the phrase “warp speed.” It’s an easy-to-miss fact, even if the game puts a bit of undue emphasis on it. Throw those two words (separated by a space) into Kirk’s log, and it will unlock.

That's not very secure.
That's not very secure.

The guy mustn’t have had a very interesting life, as the only helpful piece of information you pick up from his carefully locked computer is the location of the memory card. It’s at the foot of his bed. Search that area, and you’ll be rewarded with Kirk’s prized possession.

Now you can play Captain Square without fear of losing your progress. Just keep in mind that at some point in the story, the arcade machine gets completely and irrevocably locked out. It may seem irresponsible to go play video games while everything on the ship goes to hell, or maybe it will just remind you of your academic days.

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