LittleBigPlanet Dev Reveals Dreams for PS4 at E3 2015

Create, explore, and remix in a game designed to recreate the feeing of lucid dreaming.


LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway developer Media Molecule has announced a new game Dreams.

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Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans appeared on stage at Sony's E3 press conference to reveal the title, presenting it as a canvas for expression which attempts to recreate the sensation of lucid dreaming.

Evans said the feeling of moving through surreal, wonderful worlds built by other players would be the main focus of the game. Players will be able to create, share, and explore a huge connected network of dreams. The studio calls this web of user-created surreal worlds the "Dreamverse."

During the demo Evans provided an overview of how players will create, and a look at the game's aesthetic. Players use the PlayStation 4's DualShock controller's motion capabilities to paint, with creations rendered in a water colour-like effect.

"Creating is easier and more fun in a dream," said Evans. "[There's] no need to stress over details."

After sketching out what they want, players can reach in and grab their creations, which will come to life thanks to a puppeteer-like style of motion capture included in the game.

The demo was quite vague in its details, but Evans said that it's difficult to understand at first. It is designed to encourage you to ask questions. Some of those will likely be answered at Paris Games Week, where more of the game will be shown.

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THAT'S....not a video game. :/

Avatar image for killerious

Devs are getting too creative nowadays.

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This looks very interesting. Imagine making your own animated shorts that you could then upload to youtube. That is I'm sure just one of many things you could do with this.

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*LittleBigPlaneT* with a T

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Super slick particle and materials engine happening there, lovely stuff. There's also no denying the brilliance of literally hand-animating your own characters using axis/motion controls. People are going to be assembling and sharing some beautiful animated shorts using this toolset and technology, even if it's not an experience for everyone out there.

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So it's like a surreal Minecraft, but with no real point besides to make a lot of pretty images and explore them?

It's unique. Gotta give them that.