LittleBigPlanet 2 Walkthrough

Sackboy returns to save Craftworld from the evil The Negativitron. Our LittleBigPlanet 2 Guide includes a walkthrough of the story levels, hidden co-op and switch trigger paths, and pins to spruce your online profile.


Sackboy returns to save Craftworld from the evil The Negativitron. Our Little Big Planet 2 Guide includes a walkthrough of the story levels, hidden co-op and switch trigger paths, and pins to spruce your online profile. Here's what's inside:

  • Walkthrough: A walkthrough of the six acts across Craftworld
  • Co-Op Bubbles: Team up with a friend to discover hidden paths and puzzles
  • Pins: Show off your glory with these collectable on-line pins
  • Playstation 3 Trophies: Gain new Trophies for your collection

Rookie Test

Rookie Test introduces you to many of the game’s basic concepts. Among them include Switch Triggers, which are special stickers that can unlock passages and change parts of the stage. Two such stickers you’ll gain during this stage include the Hairy Leg and Hand Sketch. Follow Da Vinci’s advice and use these items to unlock the gateway ahead.

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Later on, you’ll need to use the sacrifice ability to solve one of the puzzles. This will however prevent you from acing the level. After completing the next stage, Grab and Swing, you can return with the 3D glasses Switch Trigger and use it to by-pass the sacrifice section of this level.

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  • Quina Hat & Hair
  • Decorative Iron Hinge
  • Regal Fanfare' Stinger 2
  • Circle Frame
  • Body-Outline Frame
  • Circle Trim
  • Wooden Knight Helmet
  • Pedestal Sketch
  • Quina Dress
  • Triangle Bracket Sketch
  • Wooden Knight Shield & Sword
  • Furniture Leg Sketch 1
  • Pillar Sketch
  • Photo Frame
  • Iron Support Sketch
  • Speech Bubble Frame
  • Chair Back Sketch
  • Handkerchief
  • Curved Iron Support Sketch
  • Quina Wrist-Ties
  • Cheese Wedge
  • Bricks Doodle
  • Hand & Sleeve Sketch
  • Mouth Frame
  • Black And White Photo Frame
  • Old Wood
  • Face Bracket Sketch
  • Black Starburst
  • Wooden Knight Ruff & Armlets
  • Pillar Bracket Sketch
  • Chair Studs
  • Regal Fanfare Stinger 1
  • Hairy Leg Sketch
  • Red Star Frame
  • Frosted Diamonds
  • Arch Sketch
  • Grinning Lady Portrait
  • Square Frame
  • Wheel Sketch
  • Lion Sword
  • Wooden Knight Boots
  • Wooden Knight Skin
  • Unfinished Old Man Sketch

Grab And Swing

The prize bubbles in Grab and Swing are mostly straight forward. However, you'll want to be sure to switch between all three layers to gain them all. By moving to the very back layer you can walk behind pillars in the foreground. The first time you should do this is after spotting the hanging key. Drop down into the lower area and walk all the way to the right, behind the pillar and continue to the left. This will lead to an underground area with several score bubbles and prize bubbles.

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Another well hidden prize is the 3D specs, which are also behind a foreground pillar. After dropping behind the chalkboard with a sackboy drawn on it, move to the background and travel left. The specs will be in a small alcove.

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  • Red Pillar
  • Orange Terra Incognito Logo
  • Black Matte Wood
  • Full Glass
  • Da Vinci Portrait
  • Da Vinci Turret
  • Da Vinci Two-Storey Tower
  • Magnum Opus Logo
  • Plywood
  • Floral Brocade
  • Wax Seal
  • Chandelier Sketch
  • Square- Terracotta
  • Da Vinci Specs
  • Da Vinci Ego
  • Big Green Book
  • Small Fat Book
  • Joystick Sketch
  • Masonry Trim
  • Circle Square
  • Newton Logo
  • Furniture Leg Sketch 3
  • Straight Iron Support Sketch
  • Iron Hinge Sketch
  • Green Spiral
  • Fountain Sketch
  • Paint Square- Orange
  • Parmesan Logo
  • Wooden Da Vinci Logo
  • Window Sketch
  • Paint Splodge - Dark Brown
  • Cheese Wedge
  • Golden Picture Frame
  • Furniture Leg Sketch 2
  • Open Book
  • Damask - Orange Leaves
  • Damask - Red Floral
  • Helicopter Sketch
  • Da Vinci One-Storey Tower
  • Fingerprint - Orange
  • Ada's Sackboy
  • Controller Sketch

Gripple Grapple

Gripple Grapple is much more dangerous than the previous stages. Several of the floors are covered with electricity and will serve as instant death if you land on them. The stage also introduces co-operative areas: You will need to find a second player either online or locally in order to gain all of the prize bubbles in this stage.

The prize bubbles in general can be fairly tricky. The first such section is two sponges attached to swinging pillars that are above an electric field. Time your jumps and releases as you swing upwards to collect the bubbles between these sponges. Also, if you jump to the right of the second sponge you can find a score key to unlock new bonuses.

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The main sticker you want to look out for is the Da Vinci Crest. This is a Trigger Switch that can be used at the start of the level. After completing the stage, return to Gripple Grapple and place the crest at the start. This will turn the stage into a race stage. It will also release three new prize bubbles that will quickly float off. Give chase to the them and you should be able to catch the bubbles as long as you keep good time.

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  • Chalk Sad Face
  • Scoop Arm
  • Damask - Yellow Leaves
  • Stippled Bush
  • Chalk Square Scribble
  • Streetlamps
  • Chalk Round Scribble
  • Da Vinci Arm
  • Chalk Star
  • Wooden Gear 2
  • Guitar Neck
  • Blue Tile Block
  • Chalk Wavy Line
  • Chalk Happy Face
  • Chalk Dotted Circle
  • Chalk Curved Arrow
  • Wrench
  • 'Heavenly Choirs' Stinger
  • Chalk Circle
  • Fancy Art Logo
  • Chalk Hazard Symbol
  • Bookshelves
  • Block of Handwriting
  • Canvas Medium-Weave
  • Chalk Square
  • Medieval Nurse
  • Scoop
  • Old Man Sketch
  • Chalk Dotted Diagonal
  • Wooden Chandelier Centre
  • Wooden Strut
  • Chalk Spiral Squiggle
  • Chalk Lightning
  • Wooden Cog Wheel
  • Chalk Cloud
  • Drippy Principia Logo
  • Canvas - Fine-Weave
  • Chalk Bounce Arrow
  • Profile Mask
  • Jug Sketch
  • Chalk Arrow
  • Chalk Arm
  • Chalk Speech Bubble
  • Wooden Chandelier Arm
  • Chalk Skull
  • Da Vinci Crest
  • Chalk Leg
  • Stripey Arrow
  • Chopper Cabinet
  • Chalk Spiral Arrow
  • Da Vinci Child
  • Dowel - Horizontal
  • Hook Sketch
  • Chalk Zig-Zag
  • Wooden Valve Wheel
  • Da Vinci Torso
  • Canvas - Coarse-Weave
  • Henry VIII
  • Wooden Gear 3
  • Leg Sketch - Sandals
  • Chalk Line
  • Chalk Body
  • Blackboard

Bravery Test

There is a co-operative X2 area towards the end of this stage, so partner up before entering to gain all of the prize bubbles.

Be sure to press any buttons you find to turn off the electric floors in the stage. Even while the floors are resetting their energy, you can hit either the same button or another one to restart the process. Always be sure to have enough time to travel across the floors before attempting a jump or going for bubbles.

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Always be mindful of entering the background to pick up additional bubbles. There are several behind the cannon halfway through the stage, as well as some right after gaining the key from Da Vinci.

Upon returning you can use your Wooden Gear 1 sticker to change the level. This will change the level into a race stage. New sections will open up revealing several prize bubbles that could not be reached before. Also, you can now grapple the stars near the cannon, allowing you to swing and gain more prizes.

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  • Woodcut Flower
  • Blue-Green Leaf Motif
  • Hand Sketch
  • Da Vince House
  • Cloud Sketch
  • Wooden Grappling Hook
  • Layered Cobweb
  • Carved Tree Stump
  • Hexagon Lattice
  • Da Vinci Wall Motif
  • Rhino Leg
  • Iron Support
  • Ochre Victorian Lady
  • Quill & Inkpot
  • Da Vinci Front Door
  • Blue Dome
  • Parchment-Covered Wood
  • Da Vinci Roof Light
  • Rhino Body
  • Da Vinci Head
  • Da Vinci Round Window
  • Propellor Dome
  • Blue Strutt
  • Da Vinci Window Frame
  • Da Vinci Head Sketch
  • Brown Shiny Wood
  • Cloth Bag
  • Wooden Gear 1
  • Red Wall
  • Da Vinci Side Roof
  • Rhino Head
  • Plain Iron Hinge
  • Newton Rockstar
  • Da Vinci Hideout Roof
  • Da Vinci Roofed Bridge
  • Da Vinci Main Roof
  • Classic Cobweb
  • Metalmatica Logo
  • Da Vinci Window
  • White Angel Wing

Final Test

Boss stages in LBP2 are still more about plat forming than combat. To defeat Da Vinci's machine you'll need to pull the various switches around the area while avoiding the beast's rolling wheels. It's all about timing and waiting out movements to avoid being hit by the boss' attacks.

There are some safe areas such as directly under the leavers, and the grapple sponges that drop down later in the fight. You can also use the jump pads in the center to leap over the wheel on the bottom platform.

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During the bosses final pattern, use your grappling hook to reach the switches on either side. This will lower a third grapple point in the center, directly below the boss's head. Grapple this last object to complete the level.

Runaway Train

This level introduces the Grabinator. This new item can be used to lift up the cakes, jam blobs and other things found around the area. You'll mainly use this to hit switch and open doors. It can also be used to throw projectiles, such as the jam, at the enemies in later sections.

In one of the early cars, drop down to the section below that is filled with four fancy shaped blocks. Toss these at the buttons on either side of the car to release extra prize bubbles.

Later on are two co-op areas. One requires two players, while the second needs three. Use the Grabinators from each person to toss your allies to the above platforms and collect the bubbles.

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To clear the last car you'll need to grab a jam bubble from the previous car. Take this to the button above the burning platform and toss it to release the final gateway.

The stage boss is rather easy and only requires one hit to be destroyed. Grab a piece of jam and leap on the jump pad to get a good clean shot at this train monster.


  • Cupcake Skin
  • Tree Motif 1
  • Paint Splodge-Black
  • Aviatress Scarf
  • Jam Logo
  • Jelly-Orange
  • Purple Quilted
  • Corner Swirl Motif
  • Paint Splodge-Terracotta
  • Victoria Ego
  • Floral Wallpaper
  • Paint Splodge-Purple
  • Aviatress Jacket & Top
  • Paint Square-Gold
  • Aviatress Headgear & Hair
  • Oval Frame Sketch
  • Light Brass
  • Steampunk Pipe
  • Vanilla French Fancy
  • Aviatress Trousers
  • Jelly-Strawberry
  • Paint Square-Plum
  • Swagged Skirt
  • Kettle Lady
  • Paint Splodge-Navy Blue
  • Round Dolly
  • Union Jack
  • Steam Sack Suit
  • Iron Cake stand
  • Wrought Iron Swirl
  • Cream Swirl
  • Antique Light Bulb
  • Steam Sack Helmet
  • Tree Motif 2
  • Aviatress Gloves
  • Paint Square-Dark Purple

Brainy Cakes

Don't just plow right from the start of the level. If you head left you can return to the broken train from the last stage and collect a few prize bubbles.

During this stage use the Grabinator to hold unto the dispensable cakes. These can both be used as weapons and as a means of transportation.

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There is a two player co-op section just after three cake monsters. Each player will need to throw one of the two cake creatures to activate both buttons at the same time.

Towards the end of the stage is a tray filled with cakes and jam. The jam is deadly and will kill you in one touch. Stay on the cakes to descend gracefully. If you keep the right side you can also snag key to unlock a versus level.

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  • Penny Farthing
  • Victoria's Cake House
  • Grass Silhouette
  • Dollhouse Window 2
  • Silver Spoon
  • Black Flower Border
  • Ammonite
  • Stage Head with Antlers
  • Painted Cloud
  • Sticking Plaster
  • Thistle
  • Pipe Hole
  • Picture Frame-Lady
  • Big Fancy Cake
  • Curved Window
  • Dolly Tree
  • Floral Wallpaper-Pink Tint
  • Roborat
  • Damask-Dark Green Floral
  • Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!
  • Chocolate French Fancy
  • Victorian Man's Arm
  • Sugar Flower
  • Fancy Arrow
  • Chocolate Cupcake
  • Blue Kettle
  • Flower Motif 3
  • Pompadour Head
  • Biscuit Wafer
  • Bearded Man Sketch
  • Dollhouse Window 1
  • Cream Swirl & Cherry
  • Fruitcake Logo
  • Playing Card
  • Floral Wallpaper-Blue Tint
  • Cookie
  • Red Rose
  • Victorian Man's Torso
  • Victoria Child
  • Damask-Green Floral
  • Cream Sprinkles
  • Meter Gauge
  • Rock Cake
  • Purple Velvet
  • Dollhouse Door
  • Painted Rain
  • Victorian Lady's Boot
  • Porthole Window
  • Peacock
  • Flower Motif 2
  • Picture Frame-Anatomical Face

The Cakeinator

The Cakeinator can be used to shoot out cake platforms that will stick to walls and flatten enemies. Near the start of the stage will be a chest of drawers that will open when you get near. Stick a cake on either side of this chest to prevent the lower drawer from opening. This will allow you to enter the bottom end and grab the three prize bubbles below.

When coming to the vertical belt, stick a cake onto the side of it to form an elevator. If you point the Cakinator in the right direction, you can stick from the side instead of below, giving you more space to ride down the bottomless shaft.

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There is a co-op section later in the level. Have player one stand on the right side of the scale and allow player two to shoot a cake on the left side. The scale will raise, letting player one grab the prize bubbles.

Coming up will be another scale that will require a cake to weight it down, clearing a path. You'll come to a spinning platform that can be jammed with a cake in the gears. Make sure to time it so the platform sets in a straight line.

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On the last conveyer belt, place a cake on the bottom so you can jump to the key above. Be wary though, as hazardous jam will also be on the belt. Jump over these deadly blobs to survive and collect the prizes.


  • 'Peace and Quiet' (Music)
  • Bent Copper Pipe
  • Test Tube
  • Antique Bottle
  • Electrical Filament
  • White Pillar
  • Lace Circle
  • Lace Trim (Material)
  • Boxing Poster
  • Battenberg (Material)
  • Victorian Lady's Bustle Skirt
  • Victorian Steam Logo
  • Bell Jar
  • Damage - Tear
  • Green Fern
  • Rabid Hound Battenberg
  • Blue Fern
  • Glow Light On Stalk
  • Green Quilted (Material)
  • Glass Cake Stand
  • Sack-In-a-Clock Shoes (Costume)
  • Wrought Iron Spike
  • Victorian Lady's Torso & Head
  • Icing (Material)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Chocolate Fountain (Material)
  • Victorian Lady's Arm
  • Scones Logo
  • Clock Face
  • Damage - Peeled Sticker
  • Trilobyte
  • Ruffian King Panettone

Currant Affairs

From the start of the level, head to the left behind the pillar and bird to find a secret stash of prize bubbles. As the stage name suggests, there is a currant of electricity that moves below the stage. Be careful when it surfaces, as it will destroy you in one hit.

However, this electricity also powers various lifts and opens passages. Wait at the necessary sections to get a jolt to the next platform.

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There is a two player co-op section right in the middle of the zone. Each player will need to flip the switches on either side to control the steel beam maze. Direct the current to the top to unveil several prize bubbles hidden away.

After this co-op section. me mindful of the gateway and respawn point beyond the next jump. Move into the background to gain even more prize bubbles that can be easily overlooked.

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Near the end of the stage there will be a stair way of jump pads to the left. Climb down this path and head into the background to discover some hidden prize bubbles.


  • Dark Brass
  • Rodent Skeleton
  • Doily Trim
  • Black Dribble 3
  • Stag Head
  • Skull Jawbone
  • Flaskboy Headpiece 4
  • Teacup
  • Moth
  • Sackbot Head
  • Stag Beetle
  • Anatomical Head
  • Victorian Girl Body
  • Sackbot Arm
  • Black Dribble 5
  • Purse
  • Millipede
  • Column Skirt
  • White Ceramic Tiles
  • Black Dribble 1
  • Stag Antler
  • Mutant Thing
  • French Horn
  • Copper Bevel
  • Stem Motif
  • Victorian Top Hat
  • Black Dribble 2
  • Valve Wheel
  • Stag Body
  • Wrought Iron Fence
  • Victorian Girl Head
  • Damage - Hole
  • Sackbot Leg
  • Steampunk City Silhouette
  • Tea Logo
  • Red Admiral Wing
  • Grasping Hand
  • Shiny Squares & Diamonds
  • Male Bust
  • Black Dribble 4
  • Sack-in-a-Clock Skin
  • Skull Upper
  • Bobbin
  • Gorilla
  • Antique Tube Light

Kling Klong

The Kling Klong has a simple weakness: throw cakes into its face. The offense part of the stage might be a no brainer, so it's time to work on defenses and avoiding its attacks.

Klong will use electric currents in his first form, which in turn are easy to leap over and follow with a counter attack. In the next section Klong will switch to a bouncing beam. However, its arcs are so huge that walking under them is no problem.

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In the last part, Klong will fire a beam from the upper to lower sections. Stand on the bottom section when he fires high, then grab a cake and head to the top and toss it at him.

Maximum Security

A number of Sackbots are trapped and scarred out of their mind. They won't willing follow you, but will always run in terror in a straight line. Release the Sackbots from their prisons and lead them to safety. You can also keep hold of them and toss them into the buttons on the sides of each wall. This will open passages that may contain extra bubbles.

Based on the number of Sackbots that survive the level, you'll gain additional prizes. Be carefully to save everyone you come across to score the most rewards at the end. To unlock the key for a bonus stage, you'll need at least four Sackbots prior to the co-op area. Release some extra bots at every pass to keep the numbers high.

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To reach the bubbles in the co-op area, both players will need to jump across the chasm. The first player will then need to grab their friend and toss them to the prizes above.

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  • Astro Anklets
  • Orange Moonrocks
  • Happy Management Bean
  • Futurism Color Interior
  • Astrid Glasses
  • Rocket Ship Vent
  • Sea Monster
  • Work Hard Badge
  • Crumpled Concrete
  • New Life Poster
  • Lady's Horn Rims
  • Astro Helmet
  • Photograph Fist
  • Nucleus
  • Approved Stamp
  • Astrid Hat
  • Automaton
  • Sackbot Sleepy Screen
  • Paperclip
  • Robot Block
  • Worker Body
  • Wood Veneer
  • Factory Symbol
  • Middle-Management Face
  • Halftone Square
  • Astro Skin
  • Astrid Dress
  • Man's Horn Rims
  • Ribbed Tin Can
  • Astro Bangles
  • Clipboard Clip
  • Futurism Grayscale
  • Astrid Bangles
  • Hamster Tube- Long Curved
  • Embossed Blue
  • Clive Child
  • Neon Bevel
  • Conformity Poster
  • Little Blue Car

Pipe Dreams

You can place the Red Fist sticker to get the Grabinator from the start. This will let you toss any of the Sackbots you come across. The best use of this item is at the start of the level, where you can throw two Sackbots at the switches to gain access to extra Prize Bubbles

Be mindful of hazards in the stage. Just like yourself, Sackbots cannot survive being crushed or zapped. A lost Sackbot can greatly lower your score and prevent finding some of the final prizes at the end of the stage.

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The stage's co-op area requires each player to man a giant hamster wheel. Both will need to move fast and power their machines to "heart" levels. This will in turn release a few extra prizes from the pipes above.

There are two item bubbles near the end of the stage, but only one or the other can be grabbed in one pass. One option is to do this stage with two players. Otherwise, simply suicide and respawn to claim the other item. Doing this will require a second run to Ace the level.


  • Radio Mesh
  • Halftone Hole
  • Suited Torso
  • Tiki Mask
  • Denied Stamp
  • Retro Guy Head
  • White Jagged Line
  • Weathered Steel
  • Hamster Wheel
  • Blue Piechart
  • Clipboard
  • Pink-Suited Lady Body
  • Jukebox
  • Futurism Color Exterior
  • Metal Cage
  • Colorful Bird 1
  • Red Eye on Stalk
  • Retro Lady Head
  • Jukebox
  • Sackbot Heart Screen
  • Red Panels
  • Red Moonrocks
  • Pending Stamp

Bang for the Buck

There is a switch trigger sticker at the end of the stage: the Red Fist. Coming into the level a second time will allow access to the Creatinator. This time around the helmet will fire off bombs that can be sued to find new hidden paths.

Regardless if you get the Creatinator, this stage is crawling with bombs anyway. When you grab a bomb, be careful when you release it. Dropping the bomb at your feet can be deadly, resulting a respawn.

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There are also explosive floors that will detonate when hit. You can clear paths by tricking the enemy cannons in the stage to destroy the explosives around the zone.

To save the Sackbots in this stage use the Luscious Lucy dolls to summon the confused Sackbots to a clear path. There are also walls that need to be destroyed with bombs. It can be cleared with only one person, but to unlock all six prize bubbles you will need four players to throw the bombs and reveal new sections.


  • Carpet- Check Pattern
  • Pink Guy Sketch
  • Hamster Tube- Short Curved
  • Diamond Lattice (Material)
  • Orange Light Bulb
  • Mahalageasca
  • Tank Stamp
  • Invasion Logo
  • Tin Can Top
  • Lever Arch Folder
  • Skyscrapers
  • Yellow Fist
  • Hamster Tube- Long (Object)
  • Comformity Poster Detail
  • Raygun
  • Blue Typewriter
  • Color Wheel- Cubist
  • Hamster Tube Cross Junction
  • Robot Ear
  • Album Cover 1
  • Red Transparent Star
  • Colorful Rocket
  • Track 62 Logo
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • Elastic Band Ball
  • "I Have Changed" (Music)
  • Clive Stamp
  • Colorful Robot
  • Hamster Tube- Medium (Object)
  • Glass Cage (Material)
  • White Wavy Line
  • Antique Radio
  • Metal Bar
  • Crumpled Concrete- Dark
  • Clapper Board
  • Sackbot Alarmed Screen
  • Stone Worker
  • Rocket Ship Wing
  • Big Head Alien
  • Colorful Molecules
  • Red & Yellow Chevron
  • Meryl Dungarees (Costume)
  • Red Fist
  • Machines Stamp

Waste Disposal

The first area contains flaming garbage disposals. Be mindful that after the first big pile falls, a second smaller batch will exit quickly. Wait to jump after this second drop, or you may be pummeled into the pit.

Rescue Sackbots to gain access to the rest of the stage. Sometimes the rescued Sackbots will form a "human rope" that will let you swing to adjacent platforms. The more Sackbots that survive, the more prize bubbles that will be released at the end of the stage.

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The co-op section contains a lift that will rise up and smash against the roof. Each time there will be two randomly placed crevices that will allow the players to survive the impact. Also in these nooks are buttons that can be jumped into. Pay attention to the safe areas and press these buttons four times. After the last time, the lift will stop and unveil prize bubbles.


  • Chrome (Material)
  • Smiley Lady Head
  • Album Cover 2
  • Colorful Bird 2
  • Scuffed Arrow Sign
  • Hamster Tube- Short
  • Piston Arm
  • Piston Head
  • Embossed Green (Material)
  • Metal Torch
  • Clive Ego (Sticker)
  • Red Diner Logo
  • Quiff
  • Big Metal Fist (Decoration)
  • Grey Typewriter
  • Sackbot Winking Screen
  • Carpet- Scale-Pattern
  • 3D Logo
  • Tire Tread
  • Retro Professor Head
  • Retro Green Chair
  • Printed Hole
  • Note Square
  • Red Comrades Logo
  • Checked Hat

Fowl Play

Despite being touted as a boss, there is no combat in this stage. Instead, you'll need to run, run, run. The large chicken will murder you if it manages to get close enough, and there are no respawn points anywhere in this level. Run, grab and swing to stay out of the beast's reach.

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Unlike most final stages, there are a number of prize bubbles that can be snagged as you make your retreat. Consider going through this battle two or more times to pick up the suspended prize bubbles. When you reach the end of the stage, the boss will automatically kick the bucket.


  • Stylized Business Guy
  • Sackbot Pink Screen
  • "Bateroo" (Music)
  • Hot Dog
  • Retro Blonde Head
  • Retro Space Pilot
  • Crazy Hamster Prison Box
  • Bin Lid
  • "The Good Old Days" (Music)
  • Blue-Red Pointing Hand
  • Pilot
  • Red Dome
  • Platinum Wig

Avalon's Advanced Armaments Academy

After clearing a much later stage, you'll gain the Avalon Sticker. This can be used to turn the stage into a race and acquire even more prizes on a second run.

You'll take control of three different animal pals to navigate the level and find all sorts of prize goodies. The first is a rabbit that can leap long distances. Use its powerful leaps to platform across the top of enemies and grab the prize bubbles in the air. Keep in mind that this will often destroy the enemy, making a second chance impossible without restarting the level.

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The second animal will lets out a sonic wave that moves blocks and be used to sunder enemy forces. It can also climb up walls, allowing you to escape potential dangers. The last helper is hamster that can boost for an extra bit of speed. Use this quickness to reach high off prize bubbles and slam obstacles.

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  • Pink-Orange Fact Logo
  • Dog Nose
  • Avalon C (Sticker)
  • Blue Hexagon (Material)
  • Plectra Hair (Costume)
  • Avalon Poster (Sticker)
  • Plectra Dress (Costume)
  • Fur- Brown (Material)
  • Handheld Game Console
  • Rabbit Nose
  • Round Speaker
  • Videotape
  • Atomic Drive
  • Hamstertron 2000
  • I Created Science Poster (Sticker)
  • Animal Ear- Rounded
  • Tape Spool
  • Animal Ear- Long
  • Square Battery
  • Animal Tail
  • Sparkle Jewel
  • Avalonia A (sticker)
  • DJ Rewind Hat (Costume)
  • Blue Bubbles (Material)
  • Foil Wrapper
  • Avalonia B (Sticker)
  • Cotton Wool Tree
  • Cell Loop
  • Plectra Glasses (Costume)
  • Fur- Black (Material)
  • Geometric Shadow Print
  • Fur- White (Material)
  • Light box- Curve
  • Fizzy Drink Can- Horizontal
  • Fur- Orange (Material)
  • DJ Rewind Jumpsuit (Costume)
  • Avalon's Winged Pyramid
  • Blue Science Logo
  • Epic Avalon Head (Sticker)
  • Animal Ear- Pointed
  • Square Speaker
  • Plectra Wings (Costume)
  • Mechapup (Object)
  • Corrugated Plastic
  • Small Battery
  • Water Icon (Sticker)
  • Golden Colorsquare
  • Avalon Ego (Sticker)
  • White Fur (Decoration)
  • DJ Rewind Gloves (Costume)

Got the Hump

You'll have access to a blaster camel that fires lasers. These lasers will destroy most enemies in a single shot. However, firing at Avalon will lower your score by 10 points per shot. The camel moves on rails, so you only need to worry about shooting down foes and laser prizes. Even if the enemy manages to hit you, you have a small energy meter that can be restored at several fixed stations.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The boss near the conclusion of the stage has one weak point: it's glowing eyes. Fire at it when you have a clear shot, otherwise concentrate on destroying the projectiles it fires to leave your health near full.


  • Extractor Fan
  • Avalonia S (Sticker)
  • Gradient Triangle- Turquoise (Sticker)
  • Blue Speaker (Sticker)
  • Hand Icon (Sticker)
  • Translucent Geometric- Yellow (Material)
  • Colorful Boot (Sticker)
  • Dark Brown Fur (Decoration)
  • Avalonia K (Sticker)
  • Floppy Disk (Sicker)
  • Video Camera Lens (Sticker)
  • Catlike Eye
  • Washed Denim
  • Avalon Icon (Sticker)
  • Upper Beak
  • Cotton Ball
  • Red Robot Head (Sticker)
  • Evil Avalon Logo (Sticker)
  • Purple Crayon (Sticker)
  • Electronics Circular Sector (Object)
  • Television (Object)
  • Avalonia O (Sticker)
  • Flask Icon
  • Cotton Ball Cloud 3
  • Blue Watch Logo
  • Fizzy Drink Can- Upright
  • Gradient Triangle- Yellow (Sticker)
  • Circuits- Blue
  • Animated Grid (Material)
  • Green Pencil (Sticker)
  • Padded Panels
  • Avalonia Icon- Green
  • Facceted Box 1
  • Camo Panels- Blue (Material)
  • Smooth Glass- Blue Tint (Material)
  • Transparent Tail
  • Avalonia M (Sticker)
  • Foot
  • Wires (Material)
  • Scientist Face (Sticker)
  • Globetrotter Skin (Costume)
  • Spikey Eye
  • Pink Rubber Glove
  • Avalonia Eye (Sticker)
  • Cordless Hair (Costume)
  • Neon (Material)
  • Tools Pattn- Black (Material)
  • Mountain Motif
  • Amateur Genius Logo (Sticker)
  • Avalonia Q (Sticker)
  • Gas Cover
  • Orange EMC Logo (Sticker)
  • Furry Dice (Decoration)
  • Avalonia R (Sticker)
  • Mesh Speaker (Sticker)
  • Avalonia J (Sticker)
  • Cassette (Sticker)
  • Video Gamera Body (Sticker)
  • Translucent Geometric- Blue (Material)
  • Silver Quilted
  • Avalonia Icon- Yellow (Sticker)
  • Faceted Box 2
  • Transparent Ear
  • Red Robot Hand (Sticker)
  • Orange Crayon (Sticker)
  • Avalonia N (Sticker)
  • Tools Pattern- Grey (Material)
  • Globetrotter Bangles (Costume)
  • Avalonia T (Sticker)
  • Warning Fragment (Sticker)
  • Gradient Triangle- Pink (Sticker)
  • Double Curve (Sticker)
  • Black Fur (Decoration)
  • Avalonia L (Sticker)
  • Lower Beak
  • Phone Chip (Sticker)
  • Metal Teeth (Sticker)
  • Avalonia H (Sticker)
  • Cynthia Ruff (Costume)
  • Red Robot Module
  • Joystick
  • Avalonia P (Stiker)
  • Round Flask Icon (Sticker)
  • Fur Swirl (Decoration)

The Sackbot Redemption

You'll be piloting a bee for this level. You can use its grab to latch onto the Sackbots in the level. You'll need to collected the listed number of Sackbots and bring them to the tubs on the upper sections.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Later, you'll need to free the bee's palms and drag the sponges attached to various platforms. Aligning these will form a new tube that can be used to transport Sackboys.


  • Silver Foil
  • Early Avalon, Da Vinci, Clive Concept (Sticker)
  • Waving Cable
  • Bee 2.0 (Pickup Mode)
  • Cube- Orange (Sticker)
  • Electronics Cube
  • Bubble Wrap (Material)
  • Avalonia G (Sticker)
  • Faceted Triangle
  • Avalon Child (Sticker)
  • Avalonia E (Sticker)
  • Grey Crayon (Sticker)
  • Cube- Yellow (Sticker)
  • Neon Light
  • Cube- Blue (Sticker)
  • Geometric Embossed
  • Modern Cog
  • Cotton Ball Cloud 2
  • Computerhead Skin (Costume)
  • Large Spotlight
  • Geometric Foil
  • DJ Rewind Skin (Costume)
  • Spectrum Dart
  • Orange 24 (Sticker)
  • Cube- Green (Sticker)
  • Blue Mesh Ball
  • Circuits- Dark Blue
  • Avalonia F (Material)
  • Robot Mona Lisa (Sticker)
  • Smooth Glass (Material)
  • Video Label (Sticker)
  • "Avalonia" (Music)
  • Avalonia D (Sticker)
  • "Nice Degree" (Music)
  • Green Crayon (Sticker)
  • Cube- Pink (Sticker)
  • Stylized Lion Face (Sticker)
  • Cube- Turquoise (Sticker)
  • White Plastic- No Bevel (Material)
  • Red Crayon (Sticker)
  • Film Cell (Sticker)

Flying in the Face of Danger

This is another on rails shooter stage. Your bee now has a laser much like the camel from the previous stage. Shoot down the enemies ahead and be mindful of the prize bubbles along the path. Like before you do have an energy meter while riding on your insect pal.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Towards the end of the stage, the screen will switch to an over the head view. The objective is still the same though: Blast through the enemies and travel briskly to the finish line.


  • Lightbox- Straight
  • Color Cloud
  • Battery
  • Denim Panels
  • Hexagon- Turquoise
  • Digital Watch Face
  • Spaceship (Material)
  • Space Shuttle
  • DVI Port
  • Pilot Wings
  • Classic Speaker (Sticker)
  • Foil Top
  • Phone Chip (Sticker)
  • Cotton Ball Cloud 4
  • Washing Up Liquid Bottle
  • Smooth Glass- Green Tint (Material)
  • Plectra Skin
  • Green-Blue Starburst
  • Audio Cassette
  • Circuit Board (Material)
  • Avalonia Icon- Blue
  • Translucent Geometric- Pink (Material)
  • Energy Poster (Sticker)
  • Scrap Metal (Material)
  • Chrome Pipe
  • Hexagon- Green
  • Recycle Arrow
  • White Plastic- Bevel (Material)
  • Chrome 8

Huge Peril For Huge Spaceship

There is no need to protect the Alliance spaceship. It can survive the worst assault the boss can throw at it. Concentrate on destroying the foes ahead. It will start by shooting out a blaster from it's frontal laser. Dodge this beam and reprise with your own laser fire.

After taking enough damage the boss will switch to two outer lasers. Keep to the center and wait for the weak point to open again before letting loose with your attacks.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Finally it will alternate between its two weapon types. Avoid the sets of lasers and move back to the center to score a skilling blow.

Up And At 'Em

You'll be riding on a caterpillar for this stage. It will move fast through the course, so be sure to dodge enemies and chase after bubbles.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The level splits off, but the score and prize bubbles are scattered through both paths. Your two options are to either go through this stage with a friend for max score, or go through the level several times to explore the different routes.


  • Plug
  • Paint Square- Green
  • Alvin Jumpsuit (Costume)
  • Marmalade Cat Tail
  • Big Teeth Doodle
  • White House
  • Alvin Skin (Costume)
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Alvin Hair (Costume)
  • Serene Lady Face
  • Robin Hood Head
  • Paint Splat- Green-Yellow 1
  • Tree Bark- Light (Material)
  • Berrie Hat (Costume)
  • Yellow Wooden Plank
  • Eye Shape
  • Pretty Pink Heart
  • Creeper
  • Paint Square- Blue
  • Doodle Dog
  • Alvin Teeth (Costume)
  • Marmalade Cat Leg
  • Asterisk
  • Golden Apple
  • Red Lips Doodle
  • Berrie Dress (Costume)
  • Golden Hair
  • Golden Curly Tree
  • Single Antler Sketch
  • Stick Face Doodle
  • Orange Peel
  • Spiked Wristbands (Costume)
  • Berrie Skin (Costume)
  • Impressionist Motif 7
  • Paint Square- Purple-Green
  • Red Beard Sketch
  • Paint Splat- Green-Yellow 2
  • Marmalade Cat Body
  • Mother Bird
  • Padded Cell

Fireflies When You're Having Fun

After gaining the Golden Apple you can use it as a trigger switch at the start of the level. This will spawn a Creatinator that fires platforms. Like with most other projectiles, making a second platform will quickly force the first out of existence. Be mindful so that you don't fall into enemy bugs or pits.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

After clearing the dark areas, you'll come to a co-op zone. Use a team of two to gain most of the prizes, and a third member to reach the final few. There are three grab handles that align different path ways. Pull down all three, a combo of one and three, and last both two and three.

At the end of the zone are some flaming one-eyed devils. You can grapple onto the sponges above to avoid the enemies and then walk by when they pass below. There are about four of these enemies, so be sure all of them have cleared out of the way before moving on.


  • Impressionist Flower
  • Big Ear
  • Paper Plane
  • Cell 4
  • Fingerprint- Green
  • Impressionist Motif 5
  • Square- Green
  • Golden Apple Stem
  • Honor (Music)
  • Ruled Paper (Material)
  • Clown Fish
  • Yellow Sun Doodle
  • Woman's Head
  • Patterned Leaf
  • Green-Blue Triangle
  • Snarling Mouth
  • Doll Face
  • Waterlilly Shoes (Costume)
  • Poplar
  • Fabric Leaf- Light
  • Vampire Kid
  • Eve House
  • Lady With Apple Painting
  • Fabric Leaf- Dark
  • Blonde Mustache
  • Waterlilly Eyes (Costume)
  • Gold Leaf (Material)
  • Geometric Grey
  • Torn Paper
  • Badger
  • Hooded Head
  • Green Oil-Painted (Material)
  • Perfume Bottle Top
  • Waterlilly Dress (Costume)
  • Golden Strand
  • Flower Lamp
  • Fabric Flower- Pink
  • Viola Hat (Costume)

Patients Are a Virtue

There are a few bubbles to the left of the stage, so be sure to take the time to collect them. The Creatinator in this level will fire a water conn that can put out fires and grow plants. If you discover one of Eve's patients living in a burning container, use the water cannon to put out the fire and receive some extra prize bubbles.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

To snag the key that unlocks a bonus stage, put out the fire on the valve. Jump carefully across the spinner and a second leap over the small gap. Keep an eye out for small bulbs of water. When you shoot these, they will turn into long platforms that can be used to ascend to hidden prize bubbles.

You'll eventually come across a flaming ball. Your water cannon isn't powerful enough to put it out, but you can use it to push the ball and burn down the plant life ahead.


  • Pink Stripey Shape
  • Flying Duck- Small
  • Screaming Mouth
  • Impressionist Bush
  • Tree Motif 3
  • Flourescent Green Arrow
  • Gold Swirl (Material)
  • Bright Green Eye
  • Photographic Pear
  • Waterfall (Material)
  • Our Daisy
  • Golden Apple
  • Green Sequins (Material)
  • Stained Glass (Material)
  • Spikey-Toothed Mouth
  • Paint Splat 2
  • Impressionist Motif 4
  • Argyle Sock Leg
  • Tree Bark (Material)
  • Eve Child (Sticker)
  • T-Bone Steak
  • Impressionist Motif 2
  • Tally Mark
  • Photographic Apple
  • "A Go Go" (Music)
  • Acorn
  • Rose Petal
  • Twig

Casa Del Higginbotham

The fire in this stage rages even faster than before. Even, worse devil enemies will repeatedly burn new sections of the ground and spread the fire around. You'll need to use the Creatinator to put out every patch of the flame, or the inferno will start up again.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

There is a four person co-op area in the middle of the stage. Each player will need to fire their water cannon at each of the four bulbs in the room. Doing so will release a batch of prize bubbles.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The boss at the end of the stage can be taken down by shooting water into its mouth. It's own deadly projectiles can be blocked by moving under the platform on the far left. Hide here for most of the battle and only move out to launch your wet attacks.


  • Textured Grey
  • Colorful Tortoiseshell Motif
  • Green Sequin & Leaves (Material)
  • Flying Duck- Large
  • Golden Horse Head
  • Impressionist Motif 3
  • Archer
  • Snarly Bear
  • Pink Mouth Doodle
  • Orange Monkey Head
  • Stick Body Doodle
  • Rooster
  • Green Bush Doodle
  • Bee Antenna
  • Eve Doodle
  • Martha
  • Skull face Doodle
  • Oak leaf
  • Impressionist Motif 6
  • Sycamore Seed
  • Butterfly Fish
  • Toothy Face
  • Knitted Folds- Yellow

Invasion of the Body Invaders

You'll be shrunk down to mini size and will travel inside Higginbotham. Your only option of attack is to use the white blood cells as a bouncing projectile that can ward off the virus. There are two paths part way through the level: The left one reveals bubbles, while the right continues to the boss.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The boss is guarded by dozens and dozens of small orbs. You'll need to propel your single white cell into each of these virus nodes to deal damage. It will also fire off beams that can do some damage. After taking enough punishment the boss will split into multiple pieces, and each will need to be destroyed to achieve victory. Be quick and aim your cell to hit multiple enemies at once. Each will fall only after two or three good hits.


  • Impressionist Motif 1
  • Cute Face Doodle
  • Muscle Petal 2
  • Bearded Head
  • Veins & Vessels- Light (Material)
  • Paper Ear
  • Paint Splat- Red-Yellow
  • Knitted Folds- Orange
  • Pink Kidney
  • Veins & Vessels- Dark (Material)
  • Long Purple Balloon
  • Cell 2
  • Brain Outline
  • Muscle Petal 1
  • Knitted Folds- Pink
  • Eyeball Doodle
  • Red Lung
  • Cell 1
  • Window Doodle
  • Yellow Hand

Set the Controls for the Heart of Negativitron

There are various arcade machines that have locked bonus stages as rewards. They mostly involve bouncing a single square against the various rows of other squares. It's very similar to the classic game Breakout, but there is no way of failing. There is also a claw machine that can be used to snag prizes from the bin. Lift up the prize orbs and drop them into the opening to gain your reward.

Just passed this Alliance arcade is a co-op area. Have one play right the blue platform and have the other player press the button on the right. Player one can then move to the left button and open a path for player two to gain the bubbles.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Near the end of the stage you can change gravity with the jump button. Use this change in gravity to avoid dangers on the floor or roof, and collect bubbles that cannot be normally reached.


  • Difference Engine Videogame (Sticker)
  • Digital 2 (Sticker)
  • Alien Eye
  • Mr Moon Skin (Costume)
  • Starry Space Logo
  • "Wood Ringer" (Music)
  • Rainbow Giraffe
  • Digital Blank (Sticker)
  • Higinbotham Ego (Sticker)
  • "Sleepyhead" (Instrumental) (Music)
  • Stripey Blue Line
  • Color Wheel- Gradient (Sticker)
  • Drain
  • Digital 6 (Sticker)
  • Starfield (Material)
  • Bright Star
  • Spaceship Hull
  • Laser Light
  • Pink Planet
  • Golden Cosmos Logo
  • Digital 4 (Sticker)
  • Mr Moon Mask (Costume)
  • Meanie Arm
  • Digital 8 (Sticker)
  • Mrs Sun Staff (Costume)
  • Digital 0 (Sticker)
  • Pixilated- Blue (Material)
  • Digital 1 (Sticker)
  • Mrs Sun Headpiece (Costume)
  • Also Sprach Zathurasthura Op.30 (Music)
  • Digital 9 (Sticker)
  • Vacuum Head Bottom
  • White Sweetie
  • Stripey Blue Curve
  • Hydrant Sign (Sticker)
  • Digital 5 (Sticker)
  • Mrs Sun Skin (Costume)
  • Space Goat
  • Anemone- Blue
  • Cockpit Blister (Decoration)
  • Mr Moon Cape (Costume)
  • Digital 3 (Sticker)
  • Blue Stegosaurus
  • Digital Strut
  • Mr Moon Staff (Costume)
  • Orange Explosion
  • Carpet- Star Pattern
  • Mrs Sun Dress (Costume)
  • Digital 7 (Sticker)
  • Starry Space Helmet
  • Green Blob On Stalk
  • Fierce Kitty
  • Square- Grey Planet Pattern
  • Robot Lenin

Full Metal Rabbit

You'll have access to your robo bunny friend for this stage. The zone is covered with fire so be mindful of your jumps to avoid being damaged.

The bunny's smash can break down walls and allow access to bubbles that may seem impossible to reach. Whenever there is a suspicious wall, bash it down.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

There will be a set of steps that have lasers mount of top. Smash down with the bunny's stomp to destroy these hazards. At the top are several prize bubbles that might otherwise be forgotten.


  • Pink Rock Towers
  • "Love" (Music)
  • Green-Pink Cruiser
  • Cool Dude Pilot
  • Vacuum Tube
  • "The Cosmos" (Music)
  • Barcode
  • Pink Sweetie
  • Pink Knitted Fringe
  • "Meanies" (Music)
  • Stripy Board Logo
  • Torn Plastic
  • Crater Side
  • Pixilated- Brown (Material)
  • Vacuum Head Top
  • Meanie Horn- Straight

Where in the World is Avalon Centrifuge?

You'll be sporting the bee for parts of the level, allowing you access to fly up to far off bubbles. Your allies: Eve, Da Vinci, Clive and Victoria will also be riding on bees at different points in the stage. Hook on to them and swing to hidden areas.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

There is what seems like a boss enemy coming up, however it can be disabled with a simple grapple that reveals it's damageable point. You'll arrive at an elevator that will have to hook points at the top of it. Flying enemies will swarm this lift and you'll need to time your falls and swings to hit their weak points.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The final stretch is saving Avalon from a huge robotic giant. Start by walking along the feet and using the jump pads to reach it waist. Grapple the bees your friends provide and move your way up the arms and through the chest. Leap from the left arm and into the head. Once inside pull the leaver to end this madness.


  • Crystal 2
  • Blue Target Symbol
  • Air Hockey Paddle
  • Meanie Teeth
  • Carpet- Geometric Pattern
  • Blue Pixel Check
  • Modeling Clay Blob- Green
  • Begonia- Red
  • Cool Gal Pilot (Sticker)
  • Peony
  • Blue Rocket
  • Crater Front
  • Punch Poster
  • Taped-Up Card
  • Asteroid- Spikey
  • Hexagon- Hot Pink
  • Jungle Game Screen
  • Flaskboy Skin (Costume)
  • "Cosmic Drift" (Music)
  • Robo Eye
  • Pixels
  • Kitty Snout
  • Cardboard Cactus
  • Outline (Material)
  • Orange Skin
  • Cell- Yellow Sunburst
  • Flying Saucer
  • Lensflare
  • Puzzle Cube Module
  • Triangle Outlines
  • Spaceship Chassis
  • Alien Mouth
  • Brown Pixel Check
  • Meanie Eye
  • Spaceship Strut
  • Silhouette (Material)
  • Negativitron Head (Decoration)
  • Modeling Clay Blob- Pink
  • Green Cellular Ball
  • Negativitron Pipe (Decoration)
  • Crystal 3

Fight of the Bumblebees

This is another straight forward on rail shooter stage. Your goal is to the blast the pink sections of the stage while avoiding the solid back walls. Feel free to attack with reckless abandon as the enemies tend to form in packs.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

There is a boss at the end of the stage that shoots missiles your way. However, it's easy to evade this assault and counter with your own attacks. Fire at its three pink bulbs to kill the boss off.


  • Arrow Constellation
  • Crystal 4
  • Blue Cloud
  • Spherical LED
  • Modeling Clay- Pink (Material)
  • Crystal 1
  • Modeling Clay Spike-Pink
  • Modeling Clay Blob- Green Curved
  • Blue Raindrop
  • Dandelion
  • Plastic Bag
  • Laser Kitty
  • Mustache Face
  • Meanie Tongue
  • Bashed-Up Plastic Bottle
  • Pinball
  • Cardboard Spike
  • Modeling Clay-Green (Material)
  • Modeling Clay Rock
  • Modeling Clay Blob-Blue
  • Vacuum Head Front
  • Blue-Yellow Cruiser
  • Meanie Horn- Curved
  • Crystal 3
  • Neon Target Symbol
  • Pigeon (Sticker)
  • Asteroid- Rocky
  • Pixilated- Red (Material)
  • Red Sweetie
  • Blue Lightning
  • Broom- Yellow

Into the Heart of the Negativitron

This is the final battle against the Negativitron. You'll have hold of the hamster for this battle. Charge up and land on either of the two weak points on each side of the Negativitron. Be sure to time your falls back to the ground carefully. The Negativitron will respond to your attacks by releasing a huge beam that can instantly nail you. Charge quickly to stay in the air and repeat the pattern. Afterwards, head down either path to face form two.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

For this fight, there will be a jump platform on the bottom and various grapple points floating above. Wait for the Negativitron to stop sucking wind and left the platforms come to a halt. Grapple up to the top of the platforms and leap onto the Negativitron's head.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

For the last form of the Negativitron, stand on either end of the wall and jump when his lasers land. You can touch his attacks while they are in the air, but will take damage if they hit you on the ground. Keep avoiding the lasers and wait for Da Vinci to hand you a cake. When the Negativitron pounds the ground, throw the cake at his weak point to finish the boss off.


Pins can be used on your on-line profile to show off your achievements and accomplishments. Up to three pins can be used at once.

Story Pins

Pin Name How To Earn Ranks
It's Story Time Actively Play Sory Levels for X Minutes 5
Ace Story Levels Complete X Unique Story levels without being killed. 5
Ace In Spades Complete X Sory levels in a row without being killed 5
Complete Da Vinci's Hideout Complete the main path levels of Da Vinci's Hideout 1
Ace Da Vinci's Hideout Ace the main path of Da Vinci's Hideout 1
Complete Victoria's Laboratory Complete the main path levels of Victoria's Laboratory 1
Ace Victoria's Laboratory Ace the main path of Victoria's Laboratory 1
Complete The Factory of A Better Tomorrow Complete the main path levels of The Factory of A Better Tomorrow 1
Ace The Factory of A Better Tomorrow Ace the main path of The Factory of A Better Tomorrow 1
Complete Avalonia Complete the main path levels of Avalonia 1
Ace Avalonia Ace the main path of Avalonia 1
Complete Eve's Asylum Complete the main path levels of Eve's Asylum 1
Ace Eve's Asylum Ace the main path of Eve's Asylum 1
Complete The Cosmos Complete the main path levels of The Cosmos 1
Ace The Cosmos Ace the main path of The Cosmos 1
Complete Story Mode Complete the main path levels of the story 1
Ace Story Mode Ace the main path of the story 1
Score Bubbles Collect X Score Bubbles in Story levels 5
Prize Collector Find and collect X% of the Prize Bubbles in story levels 5
Multiplier Score X Multiplier 5
Scoreboard Place in the top X% of a Story level scoreboard containing more than 50 scores 5
Monster Masher Splat X Monsters in the Story levels 5
Oneline Story Cooperative Wins Win X cooperative Story levels against at least one other online player 5
Story Cooperative Wins Win X cooperative Story levels against at least one other local player 5
Story Cooperative Games Complete X cooperative mode games against at least 1 other player 5
Oneline Story Versus Wins Win X versus Story levels against at least one other online player 5
Story Versus Wins Win X versus Story levels against at least one other local player 5
Story Versus Games Complete X versus mode games against at least 1 other player 5
Huge Air! Bounce off 20 different bouncepads without landing in a story level 1
Skilled Grappler Swing and grapple between 5 distinct objects without touching the ground in a story level 1
Follow Me Have 10 Sackbots follow you at once in a Story level. 1
Sackboticide Throw 5 Sackbots to their doom in a story level 1
Higher Achiever 2 Place in the top 25% of x story level scoreboards 5
Mortal Coil Shuffler Extraordinaire Accumlate 20 deaths in one story level 1
Ouch You've died in a story level 1

General Pins

Pin Name How To Earn Ranks
U Know U Playa Actively play community levels of X minutes 5
Ace Levels Complete X unique levels without being killed 5
Community Scoreboard Place in the top X% of a communit level scoreboard containing more than 50 other socres 5
Community Monster Masher Splat X monsters in community levels 5
Complete Community Levels Complete 25 qunique community levels 5
Complete Cooperative levels Complete X unique cooperative community levels 5
Complete Versus Levels Complete X unique versus community levels 5
Dimands in the rough Be the first person to complete X brand new levels 5
Links Travel through X level links 5
A Game A Day Keeps the Doctor Away Play LBP2 on every day of the week 5
Who Needs Breakfast Play LBP2 Before 9am 1
Just…One…More…Go… Play LBP2 After 9pm 1
Christmas Elf Play on Christmas day 1
Pretty Special Play a level from the Mm Picks list 1
Grappling Hook Pickup the Grapplin Hook 1
Grabinators Pickup the Grabinators 1
Creatinator Pickup the Creatinator 1
Online Versus Wins Win X Versus community levels against at least one other online player 5
Versus Wins Win X Versus community levels against at least one other local player 5
Versus Games Complete X Versus community levels against at least one other player 5
Online Cooperative Wins Win X Cooperative community levels against at least one other online player 5
Cooperative Wins Win X Cooperative community levels against at least one other local player 5
Cooperative Games Complete X Cooperative community levels against at least one other player 5
Grapple Hooked Create a chain of four players Grappling each other 1
Slapper Slap a player 1
Turbo Slapper Slap more than one player at once 1
4 in a row Create a chain of 4 players all hanging together 1
Actually Quite Good Place in the top 25% of X community level scoreboards 5
Fresh Swings Complete X Community levels containing the Grappling Hook 5
Different Hats Complete X Community levels containting the Creatinator 5
Heavy Loads Complete X Community levels containting the Grabinators 5
Fantastic Flights Complete X Community levels containting the Controlinator 5
Races Complete X Races 5
Win Races Win X races against at least one other player 5
Slow Coach Come last in a race with more than one player 1
Community Ouch You dided in a Community level 1
Community Bubbles Collect X score Bubbles in Community levels 5
Community Surprise Collect X Prize Bubbles from community levels 5
Dive in Dive in to X levels with other plaerys online 5
Dive in Versus Wins Win X Versus mode levels you joined using Dive In 5
Dive in Cooperative Wins Win X Cooperative mode levels you joined using Dive In 5
Explodinator Kill another player with explosives 1
Play With Fire Fall into Fire without dying 1
Swoosh Throw another player using the grabinators 1
I'm Innocent Hold onto another player and kill them by dragging them into something lethal 1
Oops Slap another player to their death 1
Color Co-ordination All players in a game are earing the same costume 1
Deep Blue Drown 1
Group Photo Take a group photo 1
Bouncebot Launch a Sackbot on a Bounce Pad 1
Gotcha Grapple another player 1
Popper Pop yourself to Retry 1
Different Multipliers Achieve any score multiplier X times 5

Create Pins

Pin Name How To Earn Ranks
Sticky Place a sticker in a level, on your sakc boy, or in your pod 1
Snappy Dresser Choose a costume including a base material, a head piece and a body for your Sackboy 1
Minutes of Create Spend X minutes active in the Create mode 5
Plays A level you published has been played X times 5
Total Plays All of your levels were played X times combined 5
Unique Players A level you published has been played by X unique players 5
Total Unique Players All of your levels were played X qunique players combined 5
Level "Hearted" by Get a level you have published Hearted by X unique players 5
Total Hearts All of your levels were hearted by X unique players combined 5
Highly Rated Get a level you have published rated "Yay" by X unique players 5
Highly Rated Total All of your levels were rated "Yay" by X unique players combined 5
Positive Result A level you published has received mostly positive feedback 1
Totally Positive Result All of your levels have received mostly positive feedback 1
Toasty Fill the thermometer in Create mode 1
What…Is It? Make an overly complicated shape in Create Mode 1
Controlinator Creator Place a Controlinator in Create Mode 1
My Little Friend Place a Sackbot 1
Behavior Changer Change a Sackbot's Behavoir 1
Puppet Master Record a Sackbot animation 1
Community Spirit Publish a level 1
A Series of Tubes Publish a level containting a level link to another level 1
Step into my Arena Publish a Versus mode level 1
Teacher's Pet Watch all the tutorials 1
Vandal Sticker another player 1
As if by Magic Use an Emitter in Create mode 1
Sunsetter USe the Global Lighting Tool in Create mode 1
Poseidon Would Be Impressed Use water in a level you create 1
You're a Keeper Capture an object into Popit and reuse it 1
Long Term Publisher A level you creaded has been published for X days 5
Custom Badger Publish a level with a custom badge created from the PlayStation Eye photo or an in-game photo 1
Grapple Creator Use the Grappling Hook in a level you create 1
Creatinator Creator Use the Creatinator in a level you create 1
Grabinator Creator Use the Grabinator in a level you create 1
Macrochip Use 10 gadget components inside 1 microchip 1
Share the Fun Create a level online with another player 1

Share Pins

Pin Name How To Earn Ranks
Time Out Spend X minutes active in the Pod 5
Dear Player… Comment on a player's profile 1
Well if he said so… Find a level via another player's review 1
Paparazzo Upload a photo 1
Check us out! Upload a photo containting you and another online player 1
Journalistical Submit a review for a level 1
3 Players Agree Your review is rated highly by 3 unique players 5
People Love you You have been Hearted by X unique players 5
Level Lover Heart a level 1
I like you Heart a player 1
LBP.Me Log in to using your PSN ID 1
I Can Love You From Afar Add a player to your Heated list using 1
One For Later Add a level to your Queue using 1
Queued Up Play a level that has been added to your Queue 1
Discoveries Play X brand new community levels 5
The Votarator Rate X brand new community levels 5
What have we here View another player's profile 1
DO Cross the Streams View another player's Recent Activity 1
A Dip in the Stream Play a level from your Recent Activity 1
Attention to Detail Publish a level with a complete description 1
10 Yays or Boos Give positive or negative feedback on X community levels 5
Nice Outfit Save a costume 1
I just threw this on Use the Randomize costume tool in popit 1
Band of Brothers Play some multiplayer games across 3 levels without anyone leaving the group 1

PlayStaion 3 Trophies

Trophy Name How To Earn Reward
Aces in Spades Ace 10 different Story levels in a row Bronze
Prize Collector Collect 50% of Story prize bubbles Bronze
10 Story Versus Wins Win 10 Story mode Versus games against at least one other player offline Bronze
Multiplier 5x Score a 5x multiplier in a Story level Bronze
Multiplier 10x Score a 10x multiplier in a Story level Bronze
Scoreboard 50% Place in the top 50% of players in the online scoreboard for a Story level Bronze
Monster Mash Kill 20 monsters in Story levels Bronze
Mortal Coil Shuffler Extraordinaire Accumulate 20 deaths in one Story level Bronze
Dive in 25 Dive in and play 25 random levels with other players, and don't immediately leave! Bronze
Play 25 Community Levels Play 25 unique cooperative community levels Bronze
Actually Quite Good Place in the top 25% of players in 5 community level scoreboards (with at least 50 other players in them) Bronze
Play 5 Versus Levels Play 5 unique community Versus levels Bronze
25 Online Versus Wins Win 25 Versus mode community levels against at least 1 other player Bronze
Who Meeds Breakfast? Play LittleBigPlanet 2 before 9am Bronze
Just…One…More…Go Play LittleBigPlanet 2 after 9pm Bronze
Grapple Hooked Create a chain of 4 players grappling each other Bronze
Turbo Slapper Slap more than one player at once Bronze
Snappy Dresser Change your costume Bronze
10 Minutes if Create Spend 10 active minutes in Create mode Bronze
Communit Spirit Publish a level to the community Bronze
50 Unique players A level you published was played by 50 unique players Bronze
Long Term Publisher A level you published has been published for 7 days Bronze
A Series of Tubes Use a Level Link to link two of your published levels together Bronze
Custom Badger Create a custom badge for your level from a PlayStation Eye photo or an in-game photo Bronze
Step into my Arena Publish a Versus mode level Bronze
Teacher's Pet You watched all the tutorials! Take a gold star, go to the top of the class. Bronze
40 Yays or Boos Give 40 positive or negative votes on community levels Bronze
Journalistical Write a review Bronze
Paparazzo Upload a photo Bronze
The Vorarator 5 Rate 5 brand new community levels (less than 10 plays) Bronze
A Dip in The Stream Play a level from your Recent Activity Bronze
Complete Da Vinci's hideout Complete the main path of Da Vinci's hideout Bronze
Complete Victoria's Lab Complete the main path of Victoria's Lab Bronze
Complete The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow Complete the main path of The Factory Of A Better Tomorrow Bronze
Complete Avalonia Complete the main path of Avalonia Bronze
Complete Eve's Asylum For The Mentally Alternative Complete the main path of Eve's Asylum For The Mentally Alternative Bronze
Complete Story Mode Complete the main path of the story mode Silver
Scoreboard 25% Place in the top 25% of players in the online scoreboard for a Story level Silver
Play 75 Community Levels Play 75 unique cooperative community levels Silver
U Know U A Playa Spend 5 hours playing community levels Silver
A Game A Day Keeps The Doctor Away Play LittleBigPlanet 2 on every day of the week Silver
The Vorarator 50 Rate 50 brand new community levels (less than 10 plays) Silver
Uber Prize Collector Collect 100% of Story prize bubbles Gold
Ace Story Mode Ace every level in the story mode Gold
1440 Minutes of Create Spend 24 active hours in Create mode Gold
160 Yays or Boos Give 160 positive or negative votes on community levels Gold
100% Complete Earn all LittleBigPlanet 2 trophies to unlock this platinum trophy Platinum

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