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Little Nightmares Is Coming To Mobile This Winter

The macabre-yet-whimsical puzzle-platformer is slated to hit iOS and Android later this year.


More than five years after it first hit consoles and PC, Little Nightmares is coming to mobile. Developer Tarsier Studios made the announcement as a part of GameSpot's first-ever Swipe Showcase, revealing an Android and iOS version of the horror adventure game is coming later this year.

Set in a grim and mysterious world, Little Nightmares follows a young girl named Six as she navigates a ship filled with unusual horrors. All the while, Six must contend with a ravenous hunger that is taking over her body, leading to some pretty gruesome situations. The game features a dark, almost Coraline-like art style--though its content is decidedly more disturbing than that of the children's story. Little Nightmares explores horror through the eyes of a child and emphasizes the powerlessness they have through "hide-and-seek" style gameplay rather than allowing the players to engage in combat.

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In GameSpot's review of Little Nightmares, we praised the game for its "haunting narrative," "tense cat-and-mouse style chases," and "enthralling visual and audio design." However, the game's short length did lead to some criticism.

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