Little Hope, The Next Installment Of The Dark Pictures Anthology, Launches Just Before Halloween

The follow-up from the developer of Until Dawn will hopefully bring better scares for the season.


Little Hope, the next narrative horror adventure game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, will launch just in time for Halloween on October 30.

The horror game from Supermassive, developer of Until Dawn, will star Bandersnatch lead Will Poulter and take place in a spooky, mist-laden town with a dark past filled with the occult. This includes old witch trials that have left terrifying creatures slinking around the town, making it the perfect setting for four students and a teacher to be trapped in.

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Little Hope will build on the foundations laid by Man of Medan, the first entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology. It will feature the same single-player and multiplayer modes, branching stories based on your choices and the ability to either save or kill its entire cast. New enhancements will warn you of incoming OTEs, give you free camera movement in some areas, and make interactable objects more prominent to avoid frustration.

Little Hope will launch with a variety of editions, including a Collector's Edition a creepy ragdoll, a large cloth map for the entire anthology, and a slick-looking steelbook. You can check out all the editions in our Little Hope pre-order guide.

Like Man of Medan, Little Hope is a completely standalone story that doesn't require any previous knowledge of the anthology. That's perhaps best, considering Man of Medan failed to capture the same magic as Until Dawn before it. In our Man of Medan review, critic James O'Connor wrote, "As a show of the potential for the Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan is largely a success, but as a first episode, it leaves plenty to be desired."

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