Little Big Planet leads PlayStation Plus benefits

First two months of freebies and discounts detailed for European subscribers to Sony's premium online service; North American gamers to get three months free with annual subscription.


The PlayStation Plus subscription service launches next week, and Sony today fleshed out exactly what its North American and European customers can expect to receive for their money.

European early adopters of PlayStation Plus will get a free copy of Little Big Planet.
European early adopters of PlayStation Plus will get a free copy of Little Big Planet.

According to the official European PlayStation Blog, Sony is kicking off its premium plan by giving new subscribers the standard version of Little Big Planet on top of the month's standard perks. And unlike the rest of the PlayStation Plus content, users will be able to play the game even if they allow their subscriptions to lapse.

The North American PlayStation Blog has its own post detailing some PlayStation Plus plans, but it makes no mention of Little Big Planet or any downloadable version of a full retail game. However, the North American blog does mention that gamers who pony up for a full-year subscription at $50 will receive an extra three months of membership for free.

Back to Europe, starting June 29 and running through August 3, Plus members will be able to download Wipeout HD for free, as well as the PSP and PS3 minis Field Runners and Age of Zombies, and the PSone game Destruction Derby. Subscribers will also be able to sample the full versions of Shatter and Savage Moon for an hour, as well as snag the Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium downloadable content pack for no charge.

For an encore, Sony also revealed the freebies for the second month of the PlayStation Plus service. From August 4 to September 1, members will be able to get the PSN game Zen Pinball for free, along with the minis Blast-Off and Alien Zombie Death. Medievil is the PSone selection of the month, with trial versions of Inferno Pool and Mushroom Wars also available.

Check out the PlayStation Blog for a full list of the first months' offerings, including themes and avatars.

Announced North American lineup, starting June 29
Downloadable PS3 game: Wipeout HD
Two minis: Field Runners, Age of Zombies
PSone game: Rally Cross
Full game trial: Infamous
Three monthly episodes of Qore downloadable magazine

European lineup, June 29 - August 3
Introductory full game download: Standard edition of Little Big Planet
Downloadable PS3 game: Wipeout HD
Two minis: Field Runners, Age of Zombies
PSone game: Destruction Derby
Full game trials: Shatter, Savage Moon
Discounts: Half-off the Little Big Planet God of War pack and LocoRoco costume pack; 20 percent off Gravity Crash and Fat Princess DLC
Add-on: Killzone 2: Steel & Titanium DLC

European lineup, August 4 - September 1
Downloadable PS3 game: Zen Pinball
Two minis: Blast-Off, Alien Zombie Death
PSone game: Medievil
Full game trials: Inferno Pool, Mushroom Wars
Discounts: 20 percent off Super Stardust HD, Wipeout HD Fury, and the Zen Pinball Earth Defence Table; 50 percent off Warhawk Triple Combo Pack
Add-on: Motorstorm Pacific Rift: Adrenaline Pack

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