Little Big Planet dev working on 'ambitious' new games

Job listings at Media Molecule indicate British studio building "brand new IPs" for "different platforms" that are "even more ambitious" than Little Big Planet.


What's next for Little Big Planet developer Media Molecule? According to job listings at the British game developer, the studio is at work on multiple "brand new IPs" that are "even more ambitious" than the creativity-themed Little Big Planet franchise.

What might Media Molecule be up to next?
What might Media Molecule be up to next?

The studio has numerous open positions that describe the company's upcoming work as "AAA" and slated to arrive on "different platforms." Media Molecule is a Sony-owned studio, and every game from the shop has arrived on the PlayStation 3 or PSP.

Last summer, Media Molecule said it was stepping away from the Little Big Planet franchise, but noted it will continue to be involved in the series. Upcoming franchise entries Little Big Planet Karting and Little Big Planet for the PlayStation Vita are being developed externally.

Media Molecule was founded by former Lionhead Studios staffers and created the Little Big Planet series, which was born on the PlayStation 3 in 2008. The franchise came to the PSP from Sony's Cambridge studio in 2009, and a sequel developed by Media Molecule arrived for the PS3 in 2011.

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Meh... Is it going to be yet another Mario Kart knock off?

The Xbox 360 is the BEST console EVER made. --John Carmack

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@buying1999 you sound jealous

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@buying1999 dude seriously no one cares anymore. ill give you some advice. GET A LIFE

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@superdude100 what can you do? If you take trolling away from pathetic fanboys like buying1999, they wouldn't have anything left :)

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Not sure why so many big franchises have to be made into Karting games...

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Other platform = PS4

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I sincerely hope that their next project won't be a shooter; I'd love to think that they are working on an RPG, or maybe a "3D Platformer" style game. I think MM would thrive in the PC market if that was what they meant by "other platforms" as well.

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so, a sony owned studio making games for other platforms..... Other than the PS3, PSV, and PSP, the only other platform I can see them putting a game on would be the PC, or smartphone.

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@DeathwachMarine Ps4

Avatar image for Granpire

A Sony-owned studio making games for "other platforms"? I'm very confused.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to whatever they come up with next. LBP is an innovative, unique platformer, and those are hard to come by nowadays.

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Sorry, but even though my daughter enjoyed LBP, I did not. It's a kids game. Hopefully they are working on something a little more for the Core.

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@swamptick LBP? A kid's game? Clearly, you haven't aced every level. Those games can be pretty hardcore.

Avatar image for -The-G-Man-

@swamptick not when you delve into the level editors

Avatar image for another_drew

@-The-G-Man- It's fine his pic is of of Master Chief. Originality and ingenuity aren't his strong points. It's little wonder why he didn't enjoy LBP. I want to know his definition of "core."

Avatar image for -The-G-Man-

so they're going to focus on the gameplay instead of the mod tools?

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LittleBigPlanet 2 is the most creative game ever created, and if this is MORE ambitious, it'll be incredible.

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Little Big Planet is awesome.

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These guys did a great job when it came to Little Big Planet. It was in it's own genre. A simple design in a game (kinda like Mario meets a physics engine), but it took off well.

I'm dying to get my hands on Little Big Planet Vita, was the sole reason why I bought one. Sucks that Sony didn't advertise the beta keys that well. Found out 3 weeks after they were handed out. >.<

I'm curious on what Media Molecule are working on next.

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@Kos1c I got in the Beta and I can assure you that the game is gonna be even better on Vita.

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@supermoc10 yeah, the concept of taking a pic while you are out & about then importing it into the game is just epic. it will definitely be the best in the series

Avatar image for Kos1c

@supermoc10 I'm super jealous! Can't wait for its release. =D

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MM are great developers, but I hope whatever they're working on isn't as "cutesy" as LBP. Not hating on LBP or anything, but I couldn't get into it because of the theme it had going for it. It'll be interesting to see what they do regardless. Chances are their next game with be on PS4.

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For the love of God, please don't be iOS or Android or a mobile platform in general.

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Glad to hear it Media Molecule :D

keep wowing us with your awesomeness.

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even more ambitious?

wow, can't wait

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This is aways a good thing when developers branch out. They will come up thing something interesting.

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Anything these guys come up with, I'm interested. Mm rocks !

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Keep up the good work! It is promising to read about developers striving to execute their ambitious ideas. It's what makes the gaming world go 'round.

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Good news i think LBP was running the risk of being milked.Hopefully this new ip is even better than LBP