Little Big Planet 3 on the way?

British studio Sumo Digital has supposedly been at work on third entry in series for "well over a year."


A third Little Big Planet game is in the works, according to a new report at VG247. The site has been informed that British studio Sumo Digital (Dead Space Ignition, Nike+ Kinect Training) has been at work on the third entry in the series for "well over a year."

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Platforms for Little Big Planet 3 are unknown, and a Sony representative was not immediately available to comment.

Sumo Digital has worked on the Little Big Planet franchise before. The studio created Little Big Planet 2's cross-controller patch, which allows gamers to use a PlayStation Vita to control the main game on the PlayStation 3.

If Little Big Planet 3 is indeed real, it would be the sixth entry in the series. The franchise was born in 2008 on the PS3, with a PSP entry landing in 2009. Little Big Planet 2 came to the PS3 in 2011, while Little Big Planet Vita and Little Big Planet Karting both launched last year.

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Avatar image for JackAF9

I hope that they make this entry in the 3rd dimension, using similar creation mechanics to Karting, and gameplay that can be changed like LBP2, including the ability to go from a 2D level template, to a much larger 3D level template, like a sandbox, with all level and costume packs cross compatible, including LBP1, 2, Vita, and Karting.

Avatar image for JDMarsha11

Wow, the majority of people commenting haven't played lbp2, or don't know much at all about the game in general, sumo helped make cross control kit ( an amazing dlc) and lbpvita, which is arguably the best lbp, they're likely to do what they did with vita, sumo and other teams make the game, and mm consults. making an awesome game. sumo has more than proven that they can make a damn good lbp, and if you think lbp is "cutesy" you clearly have never played lbp multiplayer, its not for kids, contant zombie murder games, mortal kombat games, shooters. its not a kids game outside of the story mode. mm are moving on because they want to show people that they are not one trick ponies. the game is in good hands. and it must be on ps4 because the only way to push the limits of lbp is to do it with more hardware power, so they could hopefully remove thermometer and add in all the new and old features of previous lbp games, especially lbpvita, the game has tools that lbp2 players wish they had. can't wait for this game. it will be great.

Avatar image for NoelXYeul

Not again, come on. Little Big Planet is fun and all, but with the rate the games are coming out, once you finally 100% everything and get the Platinum trophy. You can't enjoy the game for its intended purpose because then another LBP is out.

Avatar image for CursedMark911

@NoelXYeul do you want to keep playing those fucking copied levels that are everywhere in LBP2 over and over again?

Avatar image for Rocketboy4221

@CursedMark911 @NoelXYeul Noel: I know, right? I stopped playing the game all together because of it, and I don't want to hate that community, it used to be great. I really hope LBP3 comes out.

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

I wonder if Sony will stop using anti used measures by the time it's released. While I buy new when possible, I flat out refuse to buy games with online passes. It's not about the money, I just hate policy enough to go out of my way to avoid it. If Sony stops the anti-used measures for first party games, I'll look into getting LBP3. If they keep it up, I'll just have to pass on this game as well.

Avatar image for PringerX

The soonerer, the betterer!

Avatar image for jsmoke03

thats cool. i really liked the original lbp. still need to pick up the 2nd one...

Avatar image for QtrArt

Yeah i hope it's true for Ps4 :D

Avatar image for DukeMagnum


me too man. if the PS4 launched with this and Sleeping Dogs and whatever else they want to launch with, plus had the ability to download and play PS3 games...

Avatar image for soulless4now


Avatar image for tgwolf

As cutsie as this is and refreshing the content rating, I simply can't get into this lackluster sim game, no matter what 'extras' are overdue and underdelivered.

Avatar image for JDMarsha11

@tgwolf Have you ever actually....played lbp, its not a sim game, never has been, never will be. Its clear you really don't know much about this topic, so why are you here?

Avatar image for unaminous

@tgwolf "Sim game"? Since when is this a "sim game"?

Avatar image for Shinobi-Neo


Avatar image for RacingBlood94

Not made by Mm? Even if it was I don't think it's a good idea ._. Don't ruin the series

Avatar image for xwestsdeaznx

i'll just stick to lpb2 for now.

Avatar image for benleslie5

Yet another game to look forward to if it comes to PS3

Avatar image for Dizzzyness

if it is full 3D id pay the crap outta this for it. like in karting its full 3d but alot less building options because you coundt change anything being stuck in a car, i remeber building planes and bombs and tanks, and mining trucks to mine through objects, and such and such! or having paintball wars, or assassins creed swingy through levels on sponge and such. but karting had only drive and some challenge maps. not as much creation as before

Avatar image for eddyoshi

To be honest I dont really know if LBP3 is such a good idea, especially if its not made by MM themselves. See hwat happened with LBP karting.

Avatar image for Angel-Eex

WOOT!!! Is this a dream come true? I was waiting for this, but I think Media Molecule should be working on this instead.

Avatar image for SoNin360

I'd like to see this be an early PS4 title.

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

bad idea! LBP 2 has all the legs to carry on. Media Molecule is hopefully working on another original game.

Avatar image for Xccit

@Gamer_4_Fun They are working on Tearaway for PS Vita. A full 3D world of freeroaming fun. :)

Avatar image for bluebird08

i dont like this, media molecule is the one who knows little big planet, and if they are not making little big planet 3 thats going to suck, LBP needs media molecule.

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

So long as creations from previous games continue to be supported on any new game then I say bring it on. I think it would be a disservice to Media Molecule and the LBP community if that were to ever happen.

Avatar image for lilnazar

@queuing_for_PS4 @lilnazar STFU already. I'm not talking about LBP2 idiot. Im saying that LBP games are getting boring. I'd rather see a new IP.

Avatar image for lilnazar

@96augment @lilnazar @queuing_for_PS4 I wonder if any of you even played the series..

Avatar image for 96augment

@lilnazar @queuing_for_PS4 How are they getting boring?

Avatar image for jack00

Is media molecule called sumo digital now or it's a new studios who is working on the next installement of LBP ? And if it's a new studio, why the change ?

Avatar image for TheEveryMan


Media Molecule and Sumo Digital are different studios, I'm not sure why Molecule chose to change, but I guess they wanted to pass on the torch while they work on something new and fresh. Little Big Planet was the most original game I had seen in several years.

Avatar image for dromeo

i smell ps4 launch title

Avatar image for bksonic123

I thought they said LBP3 wasn't happening. This is a surprising rumour.

Avatar image for trollhunter2

@bksonic123 they only said that they're taking a rest from it, to try out new IPs

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal


Avatar image for EPaul

PS4 launch title or scrap it

Avatar image for AzelKosMos

(Dead Space Ignition, Nike+ Kinect Training)

That is not what you call a great resume to give me hope. What are Media Molecule up to instead then I wonder?

Avatar image for coruscant

@AzelKosMos Making a Vita game called Tearaway

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

@AzelKosMos Little Big Universe? (Mind explodes)

Avatar image for xxBenblasterxx

Looks like it could a be a dependable launch title for a PS4 here and a good way to exhibit what all the PS4 can do, very exciting :)

Avatar image for Syphon_Filter2

Yeah, its coming for the PS4. So, everbody get ready.

Avatar image for Mayleene

The nerve! And people complain about Nintendo's Mario............

Avatar image for trollhunter2

@Mayleene lol you cant compare it to the milking of mario

Avatar image for bouff

@Mayleene please explain.

Avatar image for Danny_KickAzz

LBP series IMO is one of the most "different"(in a good way) games I have ever played with its own lil community culture that I love and the fun ways to be creative I WILL DEFINITELY sink my money into LBP 3 :DD

Avatar image for kohle36

@Plasmid_king You sound like you need a hug

Avatar image for thequickshooter

pretty cute, maybe i'll buy this when i'll get kids

Avatar image for walmongerer

@thequickshooter You wouldn't have time to play it when you have kids. I'd say get it now before they come. That way they won't be needing all your attention like LBP does.

Avatar image for ArataWata

I never got the chance to play LBP2 but I played LBP1 when they gave it for free from the PSN outage. It was a lot of fun!

Would be pretty awesome if LBP3 was released.

Avatar image for ClaudiusCaesar

@ArataWata Sing for PS+ and you get LBP2 (and other games) for free*.

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