LithTech Jupiter powering NOLF sequel

The Washington-based developer launches three new game development systems--Jupiter, Talon, and Cobalt. New NOLF 2 screens inside.


Washington-based game technology developer LithTech has announced the launch of three new game development systems: Jupiter, Talon, and Cobalt. Each system is a complete package that gives developers the tools necessary to create high-performance games.

The LithTech Jupiter System will be used to power Monolith's upcoming sequel to the first-person shooter The Operative: No One Lives Forever . We've posted some early screenshots from the upcoming The Operative: No One Lives Forever in the gallery above. The LithTech Talon System, which features flexible, proven technologies, is featured in the recently released action game The Operative: No One Lives Forever , which was developed by Monolith and published by Fox Interactive and Sierra. The LithTech Cobalt System is designed to give developers an optimized platform, and it is being used in the upcoming Sony The Operative: No One Lives Forever .

"We'd rather dedicate our time to gameplay than core technology. With LithTech, the foundation is already in place, allowing you to expand beyond a simple first-person shooter," said Craig Hubbard, creative director at Monolith Productions and lead designer of the No One Lives Forever series. "NOLF's scope and sophistication are a testament to the advantages of working with a flexible game development system instead of licensing technology that you have to adapt to suit your goals."

LithTech also plans to release the LithTech Discovery System in 2002. The Discovery System is a complete package for developing massively multiplayer online games, and it is currently being used in the development of Monolith's unannounced massively multiplayer game. For more information about LithTech, visit the company's official Web site.

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