Listen To Prey's Eerie And Atmospheric Soundtrack Right Now

Mick Gordon returns with something different.


One of the best parts of id Software's new shooter Doom was its brutally heavy soundtrack. The composer, Mick Gordon, also did the music for another Bethesda game, the soon-to-launch Prey. Now, you can stream or purchase the entire soundtrack ahead of the game's release on Friday.

As you'll immediately notice, Gordon's music for Prey is quite different than Doom. The overall vibe is eerie and tense, featuring tracks with a lot of synth beats and an atmospheric tone.

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In addition to Gordon, Ben Crossbones, Matt Piersall, and Raphael Colantonio (the president of developer Arkane) are credited on the Prey soundtrack.

You can listen to the Prey soundtrack right here in this post through the Spotify embed below. It's also available through places like Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play.

Prey launches on May 5, but you can play the game's first hour right now on PS4 and Xbox One through a free demo.

GameSpot recently spoke with Colantonio, who told us that Arkane is confident that Prey's PC version won't suffer through the same issues as Dishonored 2. We'll have our full interview with Colantonio coming up later this week.

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