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Listen to No Man's Sky Atmospheric Soundtrack Here

Check out 65daysofstatic's work on the No Man's Sky soundtrack before the game launches.


Hello Games' No Man Sky is just a few days away from release, but if the wait is proving difficult you may be interested in listening to the soundtrack, which has been made available in its entirety online.

The game's soundtrack was created by experimental rock band 65daysofstatic which signed on to make the music after they were approached to license one of their tracks for a trailer.

"Way back in 2013 we received a request to license the track 'Debutante' from our album We Were Exploding Anyway for a promotional trailer for No Man's Sky," explained band member Joe Shrewsbury, in an interview with The Independent. "We were intrigued by the game, and asked to learn more, and the more we learnt the more we wanted to be involved.

"We made it abundantly clear that if they didn’t have someone lined up to do the soundtrack, we’d be interested. Fortunately for us, they were fans of our music already, and we met up with Sean not long after that, and were subsequently offered the project."

The soundtrack features 10 songs, each titled with an appropriately sci-fi bent, such as Asimov, Heliosphere, Hypersleep, and of course, End of the World Sun. You can listen to it in full through the Spotify playlist below. The soundtrack will be available to purchase from August 5.

No Man's Sky launches on August 9 for PS4 and PC, but someone managed to get a leaked copy of it and claims to have "beaten" the game in about 35 hours. Developer Hello Games has confirmed it is already working on a rather large update.

"5am at Hello Games. Wrapping up a month of work on our first update," said Sean Murray on Twitter. "Lots of new features, balancing and content."

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