Lionhead launches new community Web site

Lionhead Studios announces the launch of its new community Web site, The Lionhead Times.


Lionhead Studios has today announced the launch of its new community Web site, The Lionhead Times. The site has actually been up and running for a few months now but has recently been on the receiving end of a major face-lift, thus making it much easier on the eyes and much easier to navigate.

The content-driven site contains information on Lionhead and all of its satellite studios and will be regularly updated with developer diaries, features, artwork, and new screenshots of games in development. The Lionhead Times will also incorporate a fansite network, with two sites dedicated to Fable scheduled to launch on April 1.

"Now one could say this isn't good. After all, we are a team working within Lionhead Studios, and therefore our objectives aren't honest. You are wrong, sir, wrong! We have to be critical and honest. When a game or a decision is crap, we shall say so. On the other hand, when we really like something, we'll be clear on that as well," said Sam Van Tilburgh, Lionhead Studios' head of communities. "We don't want The Lionhead Times to be a pep-talkish publication with worthless content and no spirit. This is us. We bring you our ideas and an honest opinion on Lionhead and its games."

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