Lion King Has Massive Opening, Breaks A Lot Of Box Office Records

The Lion King is a huge hit.

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Disney's latest remake, The Lion King, charged into theatres this weekend and it broke a lot of box office records. The movie, which features photorealistic animals voiced by entertainment A-listers like Donald Glover and Beyonce, made around $185 million in North America for its first three days. Adding international numbers, The Lion King has now made $531 million thus far. This includes $97 million from China, where it opened a week earlier.

Billboard has a breakdown of all the records that The Lion King has broken.

With $185 million in the US and Canada, The Lion King surpasses Beauty and the Beast ($174.7 million) to become the biggest opening of all time for a Disney remake in North America. Additionally, The Lion King now holds the record for biggest North American release for a live-action or animated PG-rated film from any studio; The Incredibles 2 ($182.7 million) held the record before.

The new Lion King also beat out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2 ($169.2 million) for the record of highest July opening in North America. Additionally, The Lion King is now Disney's biggest opening ever in North America outside of Marvel or Lucasfilm movies.

All of these records for the new Lion King share the caveat that they are not adjusted for inflation.

The Lion King is directed by Jon Favreau. Glover voices Simba, while Beyonce plays Nala. James Earl Jones reprises his role from the 1994 animated classic as Mufasa, while Chiwetel Ejiofor voices Scar. Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner play Pumbaa and Timon, respectively.

In other news about Disney movies making a lot of money, Avengers: Endgame has now surpassed Avatar to become the highest-grossing movie in history. As it happens, Avatar is now a Disney property following Disney's acquisition of Fox's entertainment assets.

July 19-21 US/Canada Box Office

Via EW

  1. The Lion King -- $185 million
  2. Spider-Man: Far From Home -- $21 million
  3. Toy Story 4 -- $14.6 million
  4. Crawl -- $6 million
  5. Yesterday -- $5.1 million
  6. Stuber -- $4 million
  7. Aladdin -- $3.8 million
  8. Annabelle Comes Home -- $2.7 million
  9. Midsommar -- $1.6 million
  10. The Secret Life of Pets 2 --$1.5 million

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Considering its practically a copy paste from the original, great movie with amazing visuals but its a movie that'll be forgotten

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Great CGI, but soulless...

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It wasn't good :/