Linux-based handheld console launches in UK

The GP2X is an open-source portable gaming machine that claims to offer four times more power than the DS.


GP32/2x Distribution Ltd has announced that the GP2X is now available in the UK. It is the successor to the GP32 handheld, which sold more than 32,000 units. The console features a 240MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, and 64MB of onboard NAND flash memory. It will retail for £124.99 in the UK.

The GP2X can run games, music, and movies, read e-books, and store photos. The distributors claim that the handheld offers "higher quality audio and video playback" than the Sony PSP and it can also be connected directly to a TV set.

There are over 500 games available for the console--most as free downloads through the official Web site and developers are encouraged to work with the open-source system. There are also 10 commercial games in development.

"We have been astonished by the kind messages and feedback from the early GP2X userbase. The speed at which games and software has been released is amazing. Now it is time that the UK public get to see what a powerful and flexible machine the GP2X is," explained Craig Rothwell, director of GP32/2x Distribution Ltd.

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