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Link, Spawn, Heihachi confirmed for Soul Calibur II

Namco announces special guest characters for console versions of Soul Calibur II, including Link, Spawn, and Heihachi.


Namco has officially announced the lineup of guest characters that will be appearing in the individual console versions of Soul Calibur II. Todd McFarlane's Spawn will appear in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions respectively. All three versions of Soul Calibur II will feature the fighter known as Necrid, a character created specifically for Soul Calibur II by Todd McFarlane Productions. Click on any of the previous links to see these characters in their respective console versions of Soul Calibur II.

As far as gameplay modes are concerned, each version of Soul Calibur II will feature arcade, versus, time attack, survival, team battle, and practice. In addition, the game will feature an entirely new mode called weapon master, in which players can collect more than 200 different weapons to equip their characters with.

Soul Calibur II is scheduled for release on March 27 in Japan. The North American versions are slated for an August 2003 release.

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