Lineage servers shutting down in the West

NCsoft says antiquated fantasy MMOG will be taken offline on June 29 due to no longer being "financially viable."


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NCsoft's Lineage stands as one of the first massively multiplayer online role-playing games to gain massive popularity, having dominated South Korea's online gaming scene since it launched there in 1998. However, after more than a decade, its time will be coming to an end--in the West, at least--as NCsoft revealed through the game's official website that it would be taking Lineage's North American servers offline on June 29.

Lineage ends in the West on June 29.
Lineage ends in the West on June 29.

In its statement, NCsoft said that it had decided to shut the game down due to its sales performance. As part of a recent earnings report, the publisher blamed slipping sales for the game as a reason for an overall decrease in revenues.

"After much deliberation, NCsoft has made the difficult decision to shut down Lineage servers in its Western markets," the statement reads. "Unfortunately, after more than 10 years, the original Lineage franchise is no longer financially viable in the West…We know that we have incredibly loyal fans that have stood by us for the past 10 years. As painful as it was, as a business, we had to make a very difficult, but necessary, decision."

NCsoft has suspended account creation as of today. The publisher does not plan to continue charging anyone with an active subscription to the game and intends to refund any unused game time with credits applied to individuals' accounts. NCsoft also said that it has reactivated all existing Lineage accounts that are "in good standing," allowing previous users to play for free until the game's official shutdown.

The publisher also said that current account holders will be able to try other NCsoft titles free of charge. Applicable players can view the Player Appreciation Rewards program on NCsoft's website for more information.

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They should do it on the launch of blade and soul.

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Well theyve already put out L2 and aion, it is time to retire the old.

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it needed to go anyways outdated ;-) im surprised Ultima Online is still alive too heh.

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@winnazdaluza avater is awesome.. anyway it will be sorrily missed over here.. my older brother played the hades out of that game

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I feel sorry for the fans of the game... At least you guys ran it for a good 10 years.

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one of these days someone will gather up a collection of servers and have an extinct MMO set for each one creating a website for anyone wanting to have a bash at them or for old times sake.

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@wexorian That's because Blizzard can afford it.

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D2 is not considered a MMO being there is a limit to how many players can be playing in a session.

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R.I.P. Lineage.

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I wonder if my characters are still there from 10 years ago. lmao!! I thought this was for Lineage 2. I didn't know the original Lineage got released in NA. I played Lineage 2 for a couple of months. The grind was crazy hard. I gave up on it. Many people left the game as you could lose priceless loot if you died and you were wearing it. A lot of people hated that.

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@ChiefFreeman WoW will last until Blizzard creates a new MMO.

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Does this include lineage 2?

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I think UO had a longer run then this. But if the players are as awesome as UO players, then there will be player run servers hopefully.

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I wonder how long until this happens to Guild Wars. Is that game selling any more?

Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

I'm surprised anyone would still want to play such an ancient MMORPG. That's a long run. WOW will likely outlast it, though. I bet WOW goes on until 2019 (15 years). Any takers?

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1998-2011 that is a good run for an on-line game. MMO's mostly don't have long life spans. Unless something like World of Warcraft and the like.

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wow 14 great yrs !! that's amazing, indeed one of the oldest mmo's out there.I am sure people who have played other mmo's will pay their respects in some way or another. otherwise . /salute

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@Phil-teh-Pirate In this case Guild Wars 2 (which has so much contents and will be so good it will be like 3 mmorpgs) and Blade and Soul

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The end of an era...

Avatar image for Phil-teh-Pirate

When One MMO shuts down... Four more shall take its place...

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Lineage: The only game that would ever allow players to take part in a virtual line dance! Now we'll have to attend local discos for our lessons and become part of the public scrutiny against line dancers! Life is cruel. You'll be missed ol' friend :(

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The MMORPG bubble is due to burst anyway, best to cut your losses and run while you still can.

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@wexorian Diablo 2 got many thousands login daily still so why to shut it down?... Lineage i bet didnt had 1/10 of people still playing diablo 2..

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@Hiroo4 yes it's old But look Diablo 1,2 are old still and blizzard is not Shutdown it.

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@Neo_Sarevok Agreed. Though, Diablo 2 was not and is not an MMORPG. Never gave this game a try, didn't look like my type of MMO. But hopefully those of you who still play Lineage can find a new MMO to call home. Good luck guys and girls.

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@betelgeuse68 First of all i'd like to say i'm a veteran FFXI myself. Been playing the game like two months after it's original lunch. There were times when i felt like i was fed with the game and took breaks, but always coming back in the end. Me too, experienced the dread and disappointment with FFXIV - i even tried to force myself this one time to give it a real shot and played for a month or so non-stop. God knows it didnt last long. Every MMO destined to die in the end, they are like human beings - only with much lesser life expectancy. So you see, it's not fair to go say stuff like "why i even botherd" as you should've known from the begining that one day will come and it will go and perish like the rest of his kind did years back. The only one thing you can truely hope when you start a MMO title is the thought the game will bring you joy and keep you busy for as long as it can. But don't fool yourself, the inevitable will always be at a hand. Blizzard's WoW wont last forever too you know.

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Oh dam...Now I'ma have to just play Ultima Online instead.

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@ Hiroo4 There are people who still play several decade old MMO's. Diablo 2 is the most notable one. People also still play Everquest 1 and fan-created Ultima Online shards. It's easy for people outside these games to shrug their shoulders, but when a game you've played gets shut-down, it hurts, period. That's money and time lost you will never get back.

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I didnt think they would ever shut it down but was an awesome game I feel sorry for the people who wernt ready for this. I remember when my lineage 2 account got hacked had a 75 with all top A grade with +5 soul bow probably feels the same for them now. All that time just for it to go away. (2 years to get what i had legitly)

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Dad, where do mmos go when they shut down?

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wow... who cares...

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Hmm, let's see if this gets thumbed down: ... Great game that Lineage one, oh yes. It is quite fortunate that that Guild Wars 2 chap will be released to the public soon though; Guild Wars 2 should be quite a good game to soothe and aid the heartbreak of Lineage fans.

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This game is over a decade old.... Get over it, people. Get. Over. It.

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Hmmm, you always hate when is happened to your favorite game

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I honestly thought it had already been shut down

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I have always wondered why people chose to play really old MMORPGs. I am not calling them out but I would really like someone to message me and tell me the point of playing a game like Lineage at this day in age!!? =O

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guild wars 2

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wonder how long will Ultima Online last.. they're from about the same year. altough I believe it will last a while longer due to the hundreds of pirate servers surprisingly still active.

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Is this the first Lineage? Or does this apply to Lineage 2?

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@betelgeuse68 trust me ff14 will die first lol lets face it place both games by today's standards and although they both come up way short ffXI is a better game than FF14 which is sad and why i think that when ff14 goes then not long after maybe ffXI will

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I'm wondering when Final Fantasy XI will finally bite it. I started playing two months after the game debuted in North America and spent 5 years within its virtual walls. About a year after I quit, the user base deteriorated rapidly which caused Square Enix to take drastic actions such as dramatically increasing the level cap as well as making it much easier for people to get experience points (the latter should have been done years earlier). The increase in the level cap was not something SE ever did while there were US players in it. FFXI had seen one relatively minor level cap adjustment when it was a game before it ever debuted in the US. When I recently went to "KillingIfrit" (once a major forum site for FFX), I was stunned to see forums where the last post was mid-2010. In other words, yes, FFXI in the US is largely dead. In its stead came FF14 (SE's second MMO). But it was a piece of sh*t - a game filled with anachronistic designs that might have been acceptable in 2001 but not in 2010. No shock then that GameSpot gave FF14 a 4/10. In retrospect, the neurosis you had to live under to truly make headway in FFXI (aka "grind") now in retrospect seems mystifying, i.e. why the hell did I ever bother.

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that sucks, to bad, i used to play linage but then i noticed it was the year 2011 and hey i said to myself time to upgrade, lol just joking i know how fun online rpg's are you make friends and cool rare items, its hard to stop playing, kind of a shame that there shutting it down!

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Sad to see a good long running mmo go

Avatar image for glassesboy

After 10 years?? Good job keeping it up and running so long. Time for a new game maybe? =)

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Guild wars 2, my friends, Guild wars 2

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Aion will be next.

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How will I ever make it without, um, what game was this?

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Sometimes its best to Quit, before you embarrass yourselves. good job NCsoft's Lineage for the fun times.