Limp Bizkit Singer Fred Durst's New Movie Starring John Travolta Is Now Shooting

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Production has begun on the movie inspired by the events of Limb Bizkit singer Fred Durst's life starring John Travolta. Shooting is now underway on the thriller Moose, which sees Travolta playing a "rabid movie fan" whose admiration for an action hero (played by Devon Sawa) turns into stalking. This story was inspired by a person who stalked Durst in real life years ago.

Durst wrote the script with Dave Bekerman, and is directing the movie. The news today comes by way of Hollywood news site Variety. There was some amount of confusion today about this, as Variety initially posted a tweet that said Travolta would play Durst in the movie. People got excited about that. But unfortunately, this is inaccurate, and Variety has since deleted the tweet.

Moose is shooting in Birmingham, Alabama. There was apparently already a scary moment on set involving Sawa and Travolta, but thankfully both actors are OK. Sawa said Travolta had a "brutal fall" during a scene, but got right up and asked if the cameras kept rolling.

Moose is scheduled to hit theatres later this year.

Durst, 47, has already directed two movies: The Education of Charlie Banks starring Jesse Eisenberg and The Longshots starring Ice Cube.

Durst is still touring with Limp Bizkit. The band, which was formed all the way back in the early '90s, is heading to Australia later this month for the inaugural Download Australia and other sideshows.

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