Limited-edition GameCube bundle hitting Japan

Enjoy Plus Pack + will include an otherwise unavailable transparent controller.


TOKYO--According to retailers, Nintendo will be releasing a limited-edition GameCube bundle called the GameCube Enjoy Plus Pack + in Japan on July 22. Similar to the previous Enjoy Plus Pack, the bundle will come with a GameCube console, a controller, and a Game Boy Player, the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance adapter for the GameCube. Unlike the previous bundle that was available in four colors (black, silver, violet, and orange), Nintendo will only offer the Enjoy Plus Pack + in silver. However, the pack will come with a Memory Card 251 and an additional transparent controller. The controller will not be available separately in stores.

The GameCube Enjoy Plus Pack + will retail for 19,800 yen ($183), which is a 3,700 yen ($34) savings when compared to the console and all the accessories if purchased separately. Nintendo has not yet made an official announcement about the offer.

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