Limbo Listed for Xbox One

Developer Playdead declines to comment.

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The acclaimed puzzle platformer Limbo could be coming to Xbox One, if a listing by a games ratings board is to be believed.

Initially released in 2010 on Xbox 360, Limbo was lauded by critics and sold more than 300,000 units within its first month. The title was eventually ported across to numerous platforms, including PlayStation 3, PC, PS Vita, and iOS. Now, according to a Korea-based ratings board, the distinctive monochrome platform game will soon ship on Xbox One too.

A representative for the game's Denmark-based developer, Playdead, declined to comment when approached by GameSpot.

If true, Limbo's appearance on Xbox One would mark the continuation of a flourishing business deal between Playdead and Microsoft. The software giant has acquired the rights to publish Playdead's next game, Inside, on Xbox One as a timed console exclusive.

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, has previously cited Limbo as one of his favorite games of all time.

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