Lim 'NesTea' Jae Duk leaves Incredible Miracle

The legendary zerg player NesTea has departed from Incredible Miracle, the team he has been a part of ever since he made the transition from Brood War to Starcraft 2.


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Duk, who is widely considered as one of SC2's greatest competitors ever, has decided to leave the only team he's been a part of throughout his SC2 career. Together with Jeong 'Mvp' Jong Hyeon, NesTea helped cement the Incredible Miracle name in to every fan of the franchise, as they in total secured more than $600,000 and seven GSL titles for the team.

NesTea's departure from IM was made public by Global Esports Management, of whom the zerg player is currently a client. They also stated that they will help him secure a new deal with a team that are willing to let him compete more actively in tournaments.

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