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Lil Nas X's Concert Inside Roblox Was A Huge Success

The "Old Town Road" singer's latest single debuted inside Roblox, and more than 30 million people turned up.


"Old Town Road" singer Lil Nas X recently performed multiple in-game concerts inside the massively popular MMO Roblox, and now we have some numbers that speak to how much of a success the event was.

The developer told The Wall Street Journal that the concert series picked up 33 million views over the course of the rapper's four, 10-minute sets where he debuted a new single, "Holiday." The official page on Roblox's website for the event now states that the viewership numbers have climbed to 34 million.

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Rolling Stone reported that the Lil Nas X event in Roblox was a long time in the making. The site reported that Roblox Corp, Lil Nas X, and his label, Columbia Records, spent nearly eight months working on nailing down the specifics of the in-game concert. Columbia CEO Ron Perry and marketing boss Ryan Ruden are said to have personally pitched the idea to Lil Nas X with the aim of targeting the game's younger audience. Before this, Ruden met with Roblox developers in October 2019 to discuss the possibility of such an event.

For comparison, Travis Scott's concert in Fortnite back in April drew more than 27 million viewers.

Whatever the case, Ruden said the aim with the Lil Nas X concert in Roblox was to find "new and innovative ways to reach and find and to create communities around the new music of the artist."

Roblox boasts more than 150 million monthly active users.

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