Like A Dragon: Ishin Gets Launch-Day Discount

The discount is available for both editions of Like a Dragon: Ishin on PC.


Following a four-day early access period for those who purchased the Digital Deluxe edition, Like a Dragon: Ishin is available to everyone starting today. If the positive reviews have you itching to play Ishin, you may be happy to learn that you can save on Steam keys for both the standard and Digital Deluxe editions at Fanatical.

The standard edition is on sale for $52.79 (down from $60), and the Digital Deluxe edition is $61.59 (down from $70). Both editions come with a 5% off voucher for your next purchase.

It also appears that you can still get the preorder bonuses--though we'd expect this offer to expire soon. The in-game bonus pack contains three weapons: the Kijinmaru Kunishige, the Tsuyano Usukurenai, and the Black Ship Cannon. Considering the game is listed at full price on Steam this is a solid deal.

The Digital Deluxe edition of Ishin also comes with the following in-game goodies:

  • Third Division Armament Expansion Kit
  • Shinsengumi Captain's Set
  • Ryoma Growth Support Kit
  • Sword Upgrade Materials Kit
  • Gun Upgrade Materials Kit
  • The Dragon of Dojima Skin

Like a Dragon: Ishin is a remake of a 2014 spin-off in the Like a Dragon series (formerly known as Yakuza) that was exclusive to Japan.

It received an 8/10 in GameSpot's Like a Dragon: Ishin review. "Like A Dragon: Ishin is a fascinating part of the RGG Studio catalog, creatively blending the characters and drama we know and love across the Yakuza lore with a period piece set during a turbulent time in Japanese history," critic Michael Higham wrote. "By virtue of its brand of storytelling, Ishin forgoes some of the tropes that have glorified samurai but rides that line ever so closely. If the series is one thing, it's consistent--because despite the shift to Edo-era Japan, there's an unmistakable familiarity. The days of asking Sega to bring Ishin to the West are thankfully over."

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