Lik-Sang versus Sony: Round 2

Sony hauls Hong Kong retailer back into court over PSP imports; UK High Court rules importing handhelds into Europe is illegal.


Lik-Sang, an online import game retailer based in Hong Kong, is in hot water with Sony once again, this time over the importing of Japanese PlayStation Portable consoles into Europe.

The two clashed back in 2003 when Sony settled a lawsuit against Lik-Sang over its sale of mod chips and modded PlayStation consoles. As part of the settlement, Lik Sang agreed to cease trading such goods.

Now Sony has scored another legal victory against the company, as Financial Times is reporting that Lik-Sang's sale of PlayStation Portable systems, software, and accessories into Europe has been unlawful. High Court Judge Michael Fysh ruled that various intellectual property rights that belong to the company had been infringed upon by Lik-Sang (also trading as Pacific Game Technology).

Lik-Sang responded to the ruling by issuing the following statement: "Fighting multiple lawsuits in different countries at the same time and paying high premiums to expensive lawyers is an overwhelming situation for a small company like Lik-Sang. Launching separate court actions with separate claims and different judges is completely unnecessary, except for the fact that it helps reaching one single target: outspend Lik-Sang to death."

The Lik-Sang release also poured cold water on Sony's claim that the Japanese company is suffering "losses and damages" as a result, and it claimed that Sony was intending to seek an injunction to stop its sales to Europe. The company added it was unsure how the ruling would affect its business operations with the upcoming PlayStation 3 and other PlayStation-branded items.

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