Life-Sized Batman Statue Coming in March Based on Arkham Knight

The figure stands 6'2".


There's no shortage of Batman figurines out there, but most of them fall short in the height department. An upcoming statue from NECA won't have that problem, as it stands 6 feet, two inches tall.

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Some of the key details are unfortunately unknown at the moment, but here's what we know from NECA's blog (via Game Informer): The 6'2" figure is made of foam rubber and latex (and has a fabric cape). The design was "created directly from the digital files used in the making of" Batman: Arkham Knight. It ships in two separate boxes and requires some "very simple assembly" that isn't described.

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There's no date for when orders will begin being accepted, nor do we know how much it will cost or how much it weighs. Whatever the particulars, it's due out in March 2016, so more details should be available before long.

You can see some images of the figure above. If you're more interested in something from Arkham Knight that might fit on your desk and/or be less likely to frighten loved ones, check out some of the figures below:

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$7.99 on Walmart

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