Life Is Strange: True Colors Gameplay Revealed

Check out a scene featuring main character Alex Chen in the new entry in the Life is Strange series.


The first gameplay video for Life is Strange: True Colors has been revealed. Showing off a moment from the story of Alex Chen, the video showcases some of the interactions you can expect from the game. Oh, and a very good cat makes an appearance, too.

Life is Strange: True Colors is the third main entry in the series of interactive narrative-centric games, and it focuses on Alex's quest to use her psychic abilities to unravel the mystery of her brother's fate. The first video shows about 13 minutes from early in the game, centering on a scene in a record store. You can see the full demo in the embed below.

As with all of the Life is Strange games, the gameplay of True Colors is primarily based on dialogue trees and some basic exploration and interaction with environments. The video shows some light puzzle-solving, like encouraging the store's resident feline to move. It also demonstrates the core supernatural mechanic in the game, which is Alex's use of her empathic powers. Basically, she can perceive strong emotions as auras around other characters and can perceive ways to help them feel better, but she is forced to simultaneously feel those emotions.

True Colors will launch on September 10, and an expansion story focusing on another character, Steph, comes out on September 30. If you're curious what True Colors' setting looks like outside of the record store, check out the recent trailer focusing on the game's fictional Colorado town, Haven Springs. Be sure to also watch GameSpot's interview with True Colors' narrative designer for more info about Alex's powers.

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