Life is Strange Limited Edition Disc Set for PS4, Xbox One, and PC Release

Retail release set for January, comes with 32-page artbook, soundtrack and more.


All five episodes of Life Is Strange will ship to retail on a limited edition disc set, publisher Square Enix has announced.

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The Limited Edition will bundle all five episodes with a 32-page artbook, complete with unreleased concept art, a soundtrack, plus the original score by Jonathan Morali, and director's commentary.

Publisher Square Enix has said the box set will release in January on PS4 and Xbox One, priced at $40 and £30. The PC version will ship at $10 and £10 cheaper.

Luc Baghadoust, a producer for Life is Strange, said the response to the game has "blown us away."

Life Is Strange Limited Edition includes a soundtrack and 32-page artbook
Life Is Strange Limited Edition includes a soundtrack and 32-page artbook

He continued: "To be able to share that experience with our fans in a traditional boxed format is something we’re really excited about and the decision to include the extra items for the Limited Edition is a direct response to fan requests.”

Along with trying to stop the destruction of her home, Life Is Strange protagonist Max Caulfield also investigates the disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber.

GameSpot's Life Is Strange reviews were largely positive, describing an adventure game that conjures the nostalgia of high-school life, punctuated by moments of epic drama.

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